1. Cold Cases Solved by Private Investigators

    Private investigators offer victims and loved ones a second chance when a case goes cold. Cold cases are the injustices that go unaddressed and largely forgotten by everyone but the victim’s family. Pulling together enough evidence to identify a culprit and bring them to trial is difficult, and sometimes police need a helping hand in order to deliver justice. Private investigators have been brou…Read More

  2. Five Situations a Private Investigator Can Help

    Private investigators do a lot in pop culture. They seem to fill any number of roles, and many of those translate to real life. Although a PI cannot address every concern in your life, you may be surprised by the number of situations with which a private investigator can help. Whether you need to find a missing person, clarify the fault of an accident, or monitor a suspicious employee, a private i…Read More

  3. What Does a PI Offer in a Criminal Defense Case

    Criminal defense cases carry life-changing consequences, and it’s important to add as much as possible to your defense. Obviously, hiring a good lawyer should be your first step, but many defendants neglect to take the next, critical step: hiring a PI. Private investigators offer unique and invaluable benefits to essentially any type of criminal defense case. They offer talents, skills, and serv…Read More

  4. What to Do If You Suspect a Missing Person

    Realizing someone you love is missing is never an easy situation, but taking the right steps at the beginning of a missing person investigation can make all the difference. We’ll review what information you need ready to give investigators. We’ll also offer some suggestions for working with police and a private investigator. Note the Details Before you seek help from law enforcement, make sure…Read More

  5. How a Private Investigator Can Help with an Unsolved Crime

    Hollywood loves the idea of a private investigator digging through evidence to shed light on an unsolved crime. This isn’t strictly fictional, but the role of a private investigator in unsolved crimes probably looks a bit different than you may assume. One of a PI’s greatest assets is simply the fact that they are outside of the police. Not only does this give them a different perspective, but…Read More

  6. How a PI Helps in an Accident Investigation

    A private accident investigation can make all the difference in how your insurance claim or legal case concludes. It’s natural to be shaken and unsteady after a traumatic accident, and your PI will help ensure you don’t miss time sensitive opportunities while you recover. A private investigation gives you the access and tools you need to attain and record all the pertinent evidence to your cas…Read More

  7. Common Myths and Misconceptions about the job of a Private Investigator

      Private investigators on Long Island offer a wide range of services that can aid in many situations, from crime and accident scene investigation; infidelity investigation; asset searches; litigation support; and much more.  Because of the wide array of services, and popular culture’s depiction of private investigation work, there are many misconceptions and myths about the job and role o…Read More

  8. How to Bolster a Court Case with the Aid of a Private Investigator

    How to Bolster a Court Case with the Aid of a Private Investigator   The number one job of an attorney is to adequately represent his or her client.  And while not every case is a winner, to a client, “adequate representation” usually means a victory in court.  Attorneys are equipped with hoards of legal knowledge, bargaining strategies and cups of coffee to get the job done.  However,…Read More

  9. Hiring a Private Investigation Firm in Suffolk County

    Tips for Hiring a Private Investigation Firm in Suffolk County If you need a private investigation firm on Long Island, odds are you and your family have been placed in an unfortunate situation: a loved one is missing, you suspect a spouse is cheating on you, your loved one has been victim of unsolved crime.  Needless to say, it is crucial to hire a qualified company with stellar investigators. …Read More