1. Are Our Fingerprints What Identify Us?

    A fingerprint is an identification that the friction ridges of your finger leave behind when they come into contact with an object. Fingerprints are essential tools used in forensic science because it can be used to prove that someone was at the scene of a crime. The reason that a fingerprint is such an excellent way to foster a case against someone is that it is deposited easily onto objects and …Read More

  2. Why Private Investigators Are Good at Serving Subpoenas

    Sometimes people avoid you at every turn. You may be a landlord trying to evict a tenant who has not paid their rent. Or an abused spouse trying to serve divorce papers. This is when a private investigator can help. What is a Subpoena? A subpoena is merely legal paperwork that is drawn up by an attorney, court representative or government official. The subpoena is official binding paperwork that i…Read More

  3. Need Help Looking Through Public Records? A Private Investigator Can Help

    Looking through public records can be a laborious and time-consuming task. There isn't one place where you can find everything you need. Hiring a private investigator will make the job quicker. What Are Public Records? Public records are information and official documents that are not considered confidential. Birth, death, and marriage certificates, as well as property ownership, have always been …Read More

  4. Close Your Unsolved Case with the Help of A PI

    Across the country, there are thousands of unsolved criminal investigations. Private investigators have proven to be valuable in assisting with unsolved murders, kidnappings, stalkers, and more. They can bring a new perspective to the case and a fresh set of eyes. Ultimately, a private investigator can assist clients in these cases by helping them fill in the details surrounding the case. Investig…Read More

  5. Think You’ve Been Bugged? Get Debugging Services from a PI

    Do you suspect that someone may have placed cameras, listening devices, or tracking devices in your home, office, or car? Your suspicions may be right, but the powerful devices are so small that you will never find them. At All Private Investigations, we have the experience and expertise to locate and remove all types of bugging devices that are compromising your privacy and security. Everyone has…Read More

  6. Don’t Stress About Serving Subpoenas: Benefits of Using a PI

    Subpoena service is one of the many aspects of a private investigator's career. When a person or organization is needed in court to produce necessary evidence for a legal proceeding, a subpoena will be issued by the court. Defendants, who do not want to become part of the case, try to avoid being served papers. When this happens, it’s best to hire a professional for a variety of reasons. Locatin…Read More

  7. How Can a PI Help Run Counter Surveillance?

    Counter surveillance is when you recognize that you are under surveillance and begin to counter or prevent that surveillance from continuing. This counter surveillance can be accomplished in a number of ways including tracking by foot, driving, taking other forms of transportation, or searching the internet. Counter surveillance is often necessary in critical situations. However, those who are bei…Read More

  8. Four Practical Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Everyone, from small businesses to private individuals, comes across a situation where they need help in order to find the truth. Private investigators help to uncover and seek out the truth that is not always in plain view or easy to find. While there are some that believe hiring a private investigator is taking things too far, it’s often the most practical option. There are several scenarios t…Read More

  9. Why Do People Go Missing and How Can A Private Investigator Help?

    Many people believe that it’s solely the police’s responsibility to find missing persons. While some missing person cases involve criminal activity and require law enforcement, others get pushed to the bottom of the pile and forgotten if police don't feel like it's urgent. Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year, which leads to piles of cases that the police just can't get to. Wh…Read More

  10. How Does a Private Investigator Support the Police?

    There is a wide misconception when it comes to private investigators assisting law enforcement. Movies and television shows often portray private investigators as lawbreakers that get in the way of the authorities in order to solve their own cases. However, this is far from reality. Private investigators are actually valuable assets to law enforcement. PI’s and the police often work hand-in-hand…Read More