1. Why You Should Stop Doing Insurance Fraud

    Insurance fraud is a risky game to play. You can try to be careful and think you’ll get away with it, but there’s always a way to be found out. Insurance investigation is a huge business, and private investigators have many techniques to procure information that insurance companies don’t have access to. And all of that information can be used in a court of law. Read on for reasons to not com…Read More

  2. 3 Reasons You Need Surveillance

    A private investigator will suggest surveillance when you need to find information about a person, a company, or something you have lost. Have you ever thought about hiring out for your surveillance needs? Are you even sure if you need to use surveillance? Here are three reasons you definitely need to hire a private investigator for all of your surveillance needs. To See If Someone Is Lying to You…Read More

  3. Private Investigators Can Catch Insurance Fraud

    Insurance fraud is a common occurrence and a problem insurance companies have to deal with. One way they are able to determine if a claim is legitimate or fraudulent is through hiring private investigators to perform a claim investigation. This can really help insurance companies out because they don’t need to send their employees out to investigate. There are many ways a private investigator ca…Read More