1. 3 Things You Should Know About Executive Protection

    At All Private Investigations, LLC we offer executive protection to you and your loved ones should you ever feel you are in danger. Why executive protection? Maybe you are throwing a large party and worry about unwanted guests showing up unannounced. Maybe your divorce ended badly and you need protection against your former partner. Whatever the case, here are three things you should know about ex…Read More

  2. Four Practical Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Everyone, from small businesses to private individuals, comes across a situation where they need help in order to find the truth. Private investigators help to uncover and seek out the truth that is not always in plain view or easy to find. While there are some that believe hiring a private investigator is taking things too far, it’s often the most practical option. There are several scenarios t…Read More

  3. Why Do People Go Missing and How Can A Private Investigator Help?

    Many people believe that it’s solely the police’s responsibility to find missing persons. While some missing person cases involve criminal activity and require law enforcement, others get pushed to the bottom of the pile and forgotten if police don't feel like it's urgent. Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year, which leads to piles of cases that the police just can't get to. Wh…Read More

  4. Five Situations a PI Can Help Resolve

    Is there a personal or legal situation you are dealing with, but are not sure how to address? Both individuals and organizations often come across problems that require a little extra manpower in order to clear up the situation. Private investigators often provide the solution to many of these situations. This is because PI’s have a wide range of skill sets along with exceptional detective work.…Read More

  5. What Is the Difference Between a PI and a Police Officer

    The entertainment industry has a long and storied history of blending fact and fiction, but few of those blends cause as much confusion as the difference between a PI and a police officer. Police enforce the law. They have extra responsibilities and must answer to a chain of command. They have to account for every action to prove their dedication to public safety and the law. As citizens, the law …Read More

  6. How a Private Investigator Can Help an Appeal

    Sadly, America’s legal system turns cases into lengthy, drawn-out processes that take years, if not decades, to conclude. An appeal gives you the chance to contest your sentence, and hiring a private investigator to help prepare for this critical court date makes all the difference. Private investigators often serve as assistants and even witnesses in court cases. Their unique position allows de…Read More

  7. Cold Cases Solved by Private Investigators

    Private investigators offer victims and loved ones a second chance when a case goes cold. Cold cases are the injustices that go unaddressed and largely forgotten by everyone but the victim’s family. Pulling together enough evidence to identify a culprit and bring them to trial is difficult, and sometimes police need a helping hand in order to deliver justice. Private investigators have been brou…Read More

  8. What Does a PI Offer in a Criminal Defense Case

    Criminal defense cases carry life-changing consequences, and it’s important to add as much as possible to your defense. Obviously, hiring a good lawyer should be your first step, but many defendants neglect to take the next, critical step: hiring a PI. Private investigators offer unique and invaluable benefits to essentially any type of criminal defense case. They offer talents, skills, and serv…Read More

  9. How a PI Helps in an Accident Investigation

    A private accident investigation can make all the difference in how your insurance claim or legal case concludes. It’s natural to be shaken and unsteady after a traumatic accident, and your PI will help ensure you don’t miss time sensitive opportunities while you recover. A private investigation gives you the access and tools you need to attain and record all the pertinent evidence to your cas…Read More