1. 3 Ways a PI Can Help You with Your Litigation

    A private investigator (PI) can help you find relevant information and people. It really depends on what you need a PI to do for your litigation support. For instance, you can benefit from a PI in finding documentation such as court records, vital statistics, property ownerships, vehicle records, photographs, and witness statements. Interviewing Relevant Parties Private investigators are allowed t…Read More

  2. Five Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Sadly, the world is full of people who are capable of committing vile, corrupt, and dishonest acts. These can include cheating on a spouse, lying about previous employment or enacting a criminal crime. However, private investigators are here to help. With state-of-the-art surveillance and one-on-one communication, they can help you with any private investigation. Here are five reasons to hire a pr…Read More

  3. How a PI Can Give You Peace of Mind by Running Background Checks

    Are you looking to hire a new nanny for your little one or trying to select a new roommate? A private investigator can help narrow down the applicants. With one-on-one counsel for any matter, personal or professional, you can count on them to provide accurate and detailed information. Here are a few reasons why background checks can put your mind at ease:  It Establishes Safety   When you're hi…Read More

  4. Using A Private Investigator To Track Down Someone You Can’t Find

    When someone you care about goes missing, it’s easy to feel helpless. It can be particularly challenging when law enforcement time limits require you to wait before filing a missing persons report. Statistics suggest that the first 72 hours are the most crucial in gathering clues that can bring someone home safe and sound. When you need someone else in your corner as you begin the search for a m…Read More

  5. Are Our Fingerprints What Identify Us?

    A fingerprint is an identification that the friction ridges of your finger leave behind when they come into contact with an object. Fingerprints are essential tools used in forensic science because it can be used to prove that someone was at the scene of a crime. The reason that a fingerprint is such an excellent way to foster a case against someone is that it is deposited easily onto objects and …Read More

  6. Call a Private Investigator for Litigation Support

    Today’s society relies heavily on litigation support to solve problems for businesses and individuals. Private investigators are trained to compile facts so that attorneys have the information they need.  In addition, private investigators can provide evidence and testify at court proceedings. Assistance with Legal Proceedings Nearly every area of the law will benefit from the support of privat…Read More

  7. The History of Private Investigations

    The history of private investigations, as you may have guessed, is a colorful one. The line of work promises that. But do you know when the first private investigator first officially set up shop? Or who really brought the industry over to the young Americas? It is an industry that has been embraced by writers and directors alike as a venue for stories. All of that history and fictitious portrayal…Read More

  8. Collecting Witness Statements

    Witnesses to an accident or incident can be difficult to work with. Collecting witness statements can be a tricky task. Whether or not witnesses are working with the police, if you are trying to gather statements on your own for your case, they might not be receptive to talking. Private investigators are used to finding witnesses and acquiring statements from witnesses. Collecting witness statemen…Read More

  9. Benefits of using PI’s with Past Law Enforcement Experience

    Good private investigators can come from any field. But there’s probably no other profession that prepares a person to be a private investigator as well as law enforcement. Whether it is professionalism, confidentiality, passion, or tenacity, law enforcement officers already possess all of these traits and then some. Experience Years of practice as a police officer can be beneficial in interview…Read More

  10. Four Practical Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Everyone, from small businesses to private individuals, comes across a situation where they need help in order to find the truth. Private investigators help to uncover and seek out the truth that is not always in plain view or easy to find. While there are some that believe hiring a private investigator is taking things too far, it’s often the most practical option. There are several scenarios t…Read More