1. Pinkerton National Detective Agency

    Private investigators and the history of private investigating occupy a special place in pop culture. However, most people are unaware of just how vital they have been in America. The term "private eye" most commonly conjures noir images of 1920s private investigators getting to the bottom of a case the police can't crack. However, what most people don't know is that many of the foundational piece…Read More

  2. How Can a PI Help Run Counter Surveillance?

    Counter surveillance is when you recognize that you are under surveillance and begin to counter or prevent that surveillance from continuing. This counter surveillance can be accomplished in a number of ways including tracking by foot, driving, taking other forms of transportation, or searching the internet. Counter surveillance is often necessary in critical situations. However, those who are bei…Read More

  3. Four Practical Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Everyone, from small businesses to private individuals, comes across a situation where they need help in order to find the truth. Private investigators help to uncover and seek out the truth that is not always in plain view or easy to find. While there are some that believe hiring a private investigator is taking things too far, it’s often the most practical option. There are several scenarios t…Read More

  4. How Private Investigators Help Sensitive Family Cases

    Decades of mystery novels, crime dramas, and movies portray private investigators with the long khaki trench coat and magnifying glass. Real life private investigators do a lot more than run around in a trench coat. In addition to criminal investigation, PI’s can catch identity thieves, run background checks, expose fraud, and even help in family cases. There are several scenarios in which priva…Read More

  5. Private Investigators: Fact vs. Fiction

    Private investigators often play heroes in suspense films, mystery novels, and other crime-oriented fiction. While these stories may make for great literature, they don’t always line up with the facts. What do private investigators really do? They don’t all go around in deerstalkers with pipes. They aren’t even allowed to do many of the things actors portray on television. If they did, they…Read More

  6. Cold Cases Solved by Private Investigators

    Private investigators offer victims and loved ones a second chance when a case goes cold. Cold cases are the injustices that go unaddressed and largely forgotten by everyone but the victim’s family. Pulling together enough evidence to identify a culprit and bring them to trial is difficult, and sometimes police need a helping hand in order to deliver justice. Private investigators have been brou…Read More