All Private Investigations LLC




All Private Investigations LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation firm in New York. We provide discreet services to individuals, law firms, the insurance industry, small businesses and large corporations. We are the top choice for All Private Investigations in New York.

Our private investigators consist of former NYPD Detectives with decades of experience in this field. They have investigated and provided court testimony on crimes and civil matters ranging from homicide to accident investigations. Both legally and discreetly, our private investigator knows how to find the evidence to best benefit your case.

Why Choose Us?

Our reputation among private investigation firms and our history of successful resolution to our private investigations speaks for itself. We guarantee a thorough, well-documented private investigation conducted by an experienced private detective. ‚Äč Our executive protection service provides the client and their family with former law enforcement professionals to assure their safety in any environment. Our executive protection service also provides former law enforcement professionals to serve as drivers, to provide security at the residence or while traveling. You will have a private detective keeping both you and your family safe. 

Among our other services, we are available to provide accident investigations, residency verification in New York, surveillance in New York, witness investigations in New York and people locates in New York. Finding people, we can serve subpoenas, perform asset searches, and more. If you suspect your property is bugged, we can debug your properties and use counter surveillance. We also investigate infidelity, call us to catch a cheater.