How Can a Private Investigator Help Your Criminal Defense Case?

Each criminal defense case is nuanced and requires a different approach based on the unique details of the case. When you choose All Private Investigations, you get access to a team who has unmatched experience handling these types of cases on a high level. We understand how to review and make sense of information compiled in police reports, and determine if evidence is missing or inconsistent. 

When you hire our team to investigate your case, we will begin by scouring the evidence already present in the case to determine the best path forward. This includes going over previous photographs, witness statements, and other evidence. We are proficient in looking for new witnesses to question regarding your case, and searching for new evidence to ensure that if anything was missed in the original investigation, we will be able to uncover it. We can also examine for any possible inconsistencies or ulterior motives present in the original witness statements.

If you believe yourself to be wrongly accused of a crime, the services of our private detectives can help shift the tide in your favor and ensure you have a fair hearing with all evidence available.

What Types of Cases Can We Assist With?

As a team of retired NYPD detectives, we understand the nuance of the law in criminal cases and the investigations around them. We are equipped to provide investigative services for high-stakes investigations such as murder cases or gun charges, or a wide range of other cases such as alleged assaults and much more. We are impartial and approach your case with an open mind, relying on the evidence to tell the true story of your case.

Contact Us Today to Investigate Your Criminal Case

When it comes to criminal defense investigations, the team of private detectives at All Private Investigations can help ensure you have a fair playing field for your case. Our services can potentially turn up critical evidence for your case, and could be a determining factor in your sentencing. If you believe you have been falsely accused or that evidence was missed or inaccurate in the original investigation, be sure to reach out to us for help. Contact us today to receive a free consultation for a criminal defense private investigation in Long Island, New York City, or the surrounding areas.