Why hire a private investigator for child custody investigations?

All Private Investigations is a name you can trust in the field of child custody private investigations. Our team of experienced detectives will follow and document a parent or guardian in order to find proof of any treatment which could adversely affect a child. Our investigators can search for evidence without bias, and in some cases can find evidence that turns the tide in a child custody case in your favor. If you think there may be mistreatment or abuse happening, but you don’t have any evidence, then you can turn to our team to perform a full investigation.

When is it time to hire a child custody private investigator?

Divorces or separations are often a stressful, difficult time for all parties involved. The safety and ultimate well-being of children is the most important consideration, and All Private Investigations can provide peace of mind by finding evidence of any improper treatment. If you’re concerned about the possible treatment of a child, a private investigator can covertly monitor interactions to find any evidence. Drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activities or associations, neglect, or any other illegal or dangerous activities can be documented if our team observes it happening. We provide reliable documentation of evidence that stands up in court, which can ultimately provide a better situation for you and your child in the future.

All Private Investigations Can Provide Peace of Mind

If you think your child could be at risk, then hire All Private Investigations’ experienced team to put your mind at ease. We can perform surveillance, conduct interviews, and perform background checks to find any available information and potentially swing a child custody case in your favor. To both improve your custody chances and ensure your child is in the best situation possible, trust our decades of investigative experience to work for you. We serve Long Island, as well as Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Westchester County with our private investigation services. Our experience and our thoroughness make us stand out in the field of private investigation firms, and we’ll provide unbiased, professional service for your case. Reach out today for a free consultation to get started.

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