1. Are Our Fingerprints What Identify Us?

    A fingerprint is an identification that the friction ridges of your finger leave behind when they come into contact with an object. Fingerprints are essential tools used in forensic science because it can be used to prove that someone was at the scene of a crime. The reason that a fingerprint is such an excellent way to foster a case against someone is that it is deposited easily onto objects and …Read More

  2. Drones in the Air

    Private investigators have always used emerging technology in their practices. They consistently look for ways that new technology can help them solve cases more quickly. As drones become more and more advanced, they've also become more and more helpful for private investigation. As a result, private investigators in Long Island are now using drones in detective work. Below are some of the ways in…Read More

  3. Why Hire Former Law Enforcement as Private Investigators

    Former law enforcement agents make the best private investigators. This is because their background and experience help them to transfer readily to a job as a private investigator. A private investigator who has had a career in law enforcement has the insider knowledge and in-field experience needed to better serve their clients. Here are some reasons why. Law Enforcement Training Law enforcement …Read More

  4. Why Private Investigators Are Good at Serving Subpoenas

    Sometimes people avoid you at every turn. You may be a landlord trying to evict a tenant who has not paid their rent. Or an abused spouse trying to serve divorce papers. This is when a private investigator can help. What is a Subpoena? A subpoena is merely legal paperwork that is drawn up by an attorney, court representative or government official. The subpoena is official binding paperwork that i…Read More

  5. What Counter-surveillance Techniques Look Like

    We all have preconceived ideas about surveillance techniques; but, do we really know what counter-surveillance entails? Interestingly, private investigators have a number of counter-surveillance techniques at their disposal. Primarily, technology plays a significant role in modern counter-surveillance techniques. What Is Counter-surveillance? Counter-surveillance is observing people, places or eve…Read More

  6. Are You Bugged?

    Do you feel uneasy in your own office or home? Are other parties knowledgeable about private conversations you had? A private investigator can perform a debugging and make sure you are not being spied on. What is Debugging? Surveillance is a growing industry. We are all subject to people wanting to gather information about us. Private investigators practice debugging on a regular basis to protect …Read More

  7. Need Help Looking Through Public Records? A Private Investigator Can Help

    Looking through public records can be a laborious and time-consuming task. There isn't one place where you can find everything you need. Hiring a private investigator will make the job quicker. What Are Public Records? Public records are information and official documents that are not considered confidential. Birth, death, and marriage certificates, as well as property ownership, have always been …Read More

  8. Call a Private Investigator for Litigation Support

    Today’s society relies heavily on litigation support to solve problems for businesses and individuals. Private investigators are trained to compile facts so that attorneys have the information they need.  In addition, private investigators can provide evidence and testify at court proceedings. Assistance with Legal Proceedings Nearly every area of the law will benefit from the support of privat…Read More

  9. Why You Should Hire a PI If You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating

    Have you been getting the feeling that something is off in your relationship? Has your partner been acting strange? If you are questioning whether your spouse could be cheating, you should talk to a private investigator. There are many reasons you should reach out to a private investigator instead of trying to get answers on your own. If you are getting the feeling that your spouse is cheating, he…Read More

  10. How Surveillance Can Get You Answers

    The reliance people have on the internet has proven time and again to be misplaced. There is so much information and the ability to hide information online. No matter how much you try to find out what’s true yourself, sometimes you need a professional. Private investigators are trained in performing surveillance and finding the answers you want. Here are some ways that hiring a private investiga…Read More