1. How Private Investigators Help Improve Security

    Private investigators come to mind when people think of cheating, long cons, or investigation support. But when it comes to security, have you thought of hiring a private investigator in NYC? Private investigators are more than qualified to keep you safe during an event, in your home, or when you travel. Whether you need 24/7 support or help during a timed event, private investigators can give you…Read More

  2. Private Investigators and Assets

    A private investigator can do more than just find and protect people - they can find assets as well. Whether you want to see if there are assets that you aren’t yet aware of, find assets that can help your debtors pay you back, or search for liabilities against assets, you should hire a private investigator for help. Find Hidden Assets A private investigator can look into assets that you weren Read More

  3. Is Anyone Listening? Debugging Services and the Private Investigator

    There are many reasons to hire a private investigator, including figuring out if you’ve been bugged. A private investigator can come into your home, business, vehicle, and even your phone to look for any type of listening or tracking device that may be being used against you. Don't panic if you have been bugged. Hire a private investigator for any of these debugging services. Hidden Listening De…Read More

  4. How a Private Investigator Can Help with an Insurance Investigation

    A private investigator in Long Island can assist with an insurance investigation. If you are an insurance company that suspects fraud, a private investigator can track down the person who committed the fraud and verify the validity of the claim. The following are some of the services that a private investigator in Long Island can use during your insurance investigation. Obtaining Statements Priva…Read More

  5. 3 Things You Should Know About Executive Protection

    At All Private Investigations, LLC we offer executive protection to you and your loved ones should you ever feel you are in danger. Why executive protection? Maybe you are throwing a large party and worry about unwanted guests showing up unannounced. Maybe your divorce ended badly and you need protection against your former partner. Whatever the case, here are three things you should know about ex…Read More

  6. What to Look for in a Private Eye?

    If you've searched "private investigator Long Island," you likely came up with tens of thousands of results. How do you know how to choose the best one or even just a good one? Today we'll explore a few tips on finding the right private eye. But if you want to skip all the reading, head on over to All Private Investigations, we've got you covered with the best service and results you'll find anywh…Read More

  7. Paying for Disability for Your Worker? Do You Know They Are Really Injured?

    Search "private investigator and injured employees," and you'll find a host of articles written from each perspective - employees who are garnering benefits due to injury and the investigators hired to check up on them. Although this is a service we offer at All Private Investigations, it's important to understand that we don't think that every employee getting benefits is acting fraudulently. Man…Read More

  8. Not Knowing Is the Hardest Part: Hire an Investigator to Find Out What Really Happened to Your Loved One

    The uncertainty and sadness that come with not knowing what happened to your loved one can be brutal. The mental anguish and unanswered questions of an unsolved criminal investigation can make it hard to sleep, be productive, and move along in the grieving process. At All Private Investigations, the detectives that work for you have extensive experience in working with families to get answers to q…Read More

  9. Think Your Spouse Is Cheating? Find Out for Sure!

    Suspecting that your spouse is cheating can feel like torture. The sick feeling in your gut when they have to work late again. The countless moments of worrying. The way your mind drifts, and you can find it hard to focus. Your productivity can drop, and you can become a shadow of yourself for all the worry. And then there's the wondering if you should bring it up, how you should bring it up, and …Read More

  10. Private Investigators and Lawyers, the Perfect Combination

    Many people don't realize it, but private investigators and lawyers make the perfect combination in many ways. While the two professions are different, they are also complementary. Lawyers are great at working with clients, organizing information, and using that information to navigate the legal system. As a lawyer, information is your best weapon and defense in any case. The more you know, the b…Read More