1. Pinkerton National Detective Agency

    Private investigators and the history of private investigating occupy a special place in pop culture. However, most people are unaware of just how vital they have been in America. The term "private eye" most commonly conjures noir images of 1920s private investigators getting to the bottom of a case the police can't crack. However, what most people don't know is that many of the foundational piece…Read More

  2. How PIs Can Help Legal Firms

    Although not commonly used, a private investigator NYC and legal cases make a perfect combination to a winning case. If you are facing criminal charges, or are involved in a civil case, hiring a private investigator can help you win. Often, in legal cases, many facts are overlooked simply because no one does the investigating necessary to follow leads and pound on doors. A private investigator can…Read More

  3. What to Do if Someone Is Impersonating You Online

    Technology continues to progress at an incredible rate. Social media and the internet provide the opportunity to connect with old friends, look for jobs, and even help us find that special someone. Unfortunately, there are also risks associated with the increased role of technology. Alongside an increase in opportunity, there is an increase in vulnerability. There are sophisticated e-mail phishing…Read More

  4. Background Check 101

    There are a vast number of reasons why someone would want to run a background check. Whether you are hiring someone to care for your children or to handle money for your company, knowing who they are is critical. Verifying whether they have anything unscrupulous in their background is the only way to ensure that you know you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable to someone who isn’t worthy of you…Read More

  5. Are Our Fingerprints What Identify Us?

    A fingerprint is an identification that the friction ridges of your finger leave behind when they come into contact with an object. Fingerprints are essential tools used in forensic science because it can be used to prove that someone was at the scene of a crime. The reason that a fingerprint is such an excellent way to foster a case against someone is that it is deposited easily onto objects and …Read More

  6. Drones in the Air

    Private investigators have always used emerging technology in their practices. They consistently look for ways that new technology can help them solve cases more quickly. As drones become more and more advanced, they've also become more and more helpful for private investigation. As a result, private investigators in Long Island are now using drones in detective work. Below are some of the ways in…Read More

  7. Why Hire Former Law Enforcement as Private Investigators

    Former law enforcement agents make the best private investigators. This is because their background and experience help them to transfer readily to a job as a private investigator. A private investigator who has had a career in law enforcement has the insider knowledge and in-field experience needed to better serve their clients. Here are some reasons why. Law Enforcement Training Law enforcement …Read More

  8. Why Private Investigators Are Good at Serving Subpoenas

    Sometimes people avoid you at every turn. You may be a landlord trying to evict a tenant who has not paid their rent. Or an abused spouse trying to serve divorce papers. This is when a private investigator can help. What is a Subpoena? A subpoena is merely legal paperwork that is drawn up by an attorney, court representative or government official. The subpoena is official binding paperwork that i…Read More

  9. What Counter-surveillance Techniques Look Like

    We all have preconceived ideas about surveillance techniques; but, do we really know what counter-surveillance entails? Interestingly, private investigators have a number of counter-surveillance techniques at their disposal. Primarily, technology plays a significant role in modern counter-surveillance techniques. What Is Counter-surveillance? Counter-surveillance is observing people, places or eve…Read More

  10. Are You Bugged?

    Do you feel uneasy in your own office or home? Are other parties knowledgeable about private conversations you had? A private investigator can perform a debugging and make sure you are not being spied on. What is Debugging? Surveillance is a growing industry. We are all subject to people wanting to gather information about us. Private investigators practice debugging on a regular basis to protect …Read More