1. Building a Reputable Client List as a Private Investigator

    When first starting out as a private investigator, clients might evade you. Have no fear, this is part of the process. Every business in its infancy struggles to find clients. However, there are methods and tricks to help you build your client list. You don’t have to sight by idly and wait for the clients to come to you. But if you incorporate these tactics into your business you will be well on…Read More

  2. Collecting Witness Statements

    Witnesses to an accident or incident can be difficult to work with. Collecting witness statements can be a tricky task. Whether or not witnesses are working with the police, if you are trying to gather statements on your own for your case, they might not be receptive to talking. Private investigators are used to finding witnesses and acquiring statements from witnesses. Collecting witness statemen…Read More

  3. Accident Scene Investigation Through a Private Investigator’s Eye

    Have you recently been in a car accident? As anyone who has experienced an accident scene can attest, they are hectic and stressful places. There are a lot of people milling around trying to gather information and ascertain damage and injuries. However, once the cars and people have all left, it still remains an accident scene and place for inquiry. Private investigators can be employed by anyone …Read More

  4. How a Private Investigator Processes a Crime Scene

    Many people wonder what a private investigator does at a crime scene. If he does the same thing as the police why is he valuable? Can he only work for the suspected? Because of mystery and crime novels, there is a lot of curiosity about what private investigators really do at crime scenes. PIs can be extremely valuable on the defense and prosecution side of an investigation. Here are a few things …Read More

  5. Criminal Defense Attorneys and Private Investigators Equal a Good Team

    Private investigators and criminal defense attorneys make up a fantastic team. Legal cases are stressful and a headache. It is crucial to have the right people there to support you. You may think that once you have chosen your defense attorney, you are set but your not. The best teams are multifaceted. PIs and attorneys have different resources that will benefit you. Here are a few reasons you sh…Read More

  6. How an Attorney Can Benefit from a Private Investigator

    Legal issues are a headache and require the right team of support. You may think all you need is an attorney, but have you considered the help a private investigator could provide? From the surface, private investigators may seem similar to attorneys in that they are searching for answers to your questions, but their unique perspective and training can be a great addition to your case. Private in…Read More

  7. Find Lost Assets with a Private Investigator

    Have you received a ruling but the debtor is claiming not to have the funds? Unfortunately, just because the court rules on a case doesn’t mean the ordeal is over. If you have a debtor claiming not to have the funds to pay you, it could be time to call in a private investigator. Performing an asset search can confirm whether or not the debtor actually has the assets required. Don’t wait around…Read More

  8. Close Your Unsolved Case with the Help of A PI

    Across the country, there are thousands of unsolved criminal investigations. Private investigators have proven to be valuable in assisting with unsolved murders, kidnappings, stalkers, and more. They can bring a new perspective to the case and a fresh set of eyes. Ultimately, a private investigator can assist clients in these cases by helping them fill in the details surrounding the case. Investig…Read More

  9. Benefits of using PI’s with Past Law Enforcement Experience

    Good private investigators can come from any field. But there’s probably no other profession that prepares a person to be a private investigator as well as law enforcement. Whether it is professionalism, confidentiality, passion, or tenacity, law enforcement officers already possess all of these traits and then some. Experience Years of practice as a police officer can be beneficial in interview…Read More

  10. Think You’ve Been Bugged? Get Debugging Services from a PI

    Do you suspect that someone may have placed cameras, listening devices, or tracking devices in your home, office, or car? Your suspicions may be right, but the powerful devices are so small that you will never find them. At All Private Investigations, we have the experience and expertise to locate and remove all types of bugging devices that are compromising your privacy and security. Everyone has…Read More