1. Five Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    Sadly, the world is full of people who are capable of committing vile, corrupt, and dishonest acts. These can include cheating on a spouse, lying about previous employment or enacting a criminal crime. However, private investigators are here to help. With state-of-the-art surveillance and one-on-one communication, they can help you with any private investigation. Here are five reasons to hire a pr…Read More

  2. What a PI Can Do If You Think You’ve Been Bugged

    With large corporations and personal secrets floating about, privacy can sometimes be violated. If you ever feel you or a loved one has been illegally monitored, you should call a private investigator. Since investigators have access to the newest technology, they can detect the source of a bug in no time. With several methods of debugging, you can personalize your sweep to fit your needs. Whether…Read More

  3. How a PI Can Give You Peace of Mind by Running Background Checks

    Are you looking to hire a new nanny for your little one or trying to select a new roommate? A private investigator can help narrow down the applicants. With one-on-one counsel for any matter, personal or professional, you can count on them to provide accurate and detailed information. Here are a few reasons why background checks can put your mind at ease:  It Establishes Safety   When you're hi…Read More

  4. Using a PI to Solve a Cold Case From Your Past

    Losing someone close to you is hard enough when you have all the facts, but what if you’re left with a mystery about what happened to your loved one? Living the nightmare of an unsolved case from your past is enough to drive you crazy. But is it too late to get closure? Absolutely not. The professionals at All Private Investigations will work hard to get you the answers you deserve for your cold…Read More

  5. How Your Defense Attorney and Private Investigator Can Work Together To Save Your Case

    No one expects to end up on the wrong side of the law. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are out of your control, and you need to adapt to your situation. If you find yourself as the defendant in a criminal trial, you’ll want to build the best defense team possible. In many cases, having a defense attorney will not be enough. Let’s look at some ways that hiring a private investigator…Read More

  6. Using A Private Investigator To Track Down Someone You Can’t Find

    When someone you care about goes missing, it’s easy to feel helpless. It can be particularly challenging when law enforcement time limits require you to wait before filing a missing persons report. Statistics suggest that the first 72 hours are the most crucial in gathering clues that can bring someone home safe and sound. When you need someone else in your corner as you begin the search for a m…Read More

  7. I Think He Might Be Cheating

    Suspecting that a spouse might be cheating is a heart-wrenching scenario, but finding out can add peace of mind or begin the even harder process of separating. When you need to know the truth about possible infidelity, consider hiring a private investigator. Since many private investigators are former members of law enforcement, they have the necessary skills to get the answers you deserve. We Ope…Read More

  8. What Type of Security Do I Need?

    Private security programs are not created equal, and not every solution is right for every problem. Determining the level of security needed for your unique situation is key to your peace of mind. In today’s blog, we’ll explore some of the different options for a security guard who can keep everyone in your organization safe. Armed or Unarmed Security Guards One question to consider when selec…Read More

  9. Your Protection Against Insurance Fraud

    Imagine that you’ve been involved in an accident and you assume that all has been handled. Until one day, you find yourself served with an injury lawsuit from the other driver. How can you be sure that an injury claim is legitimate? What if it’s an instance of insurance fraud? Many people think of this scenario as a problem for the insurance company, but insurance fraud is something that all o…Read More

  10. When You Need a Subpoena

    When you’re preparing to move forward with legal action, it’s important to have access to all evidence and potential witnesses that will make your case stronger. In some cases, witnesses may be unwilling to provide assistance for a variety of reasons. In those situations, getting a subpoena can provide you and your legal team with added peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at how the subp…Read More