litigation support

A private investigator (PI) can help you find relevant information and people. It really depends on what you need a PI to do for your litigation support. For instance, you can benefit from a PI in finding documentation such as court records, vital statistics, property ownerships, vehicle records, photographs, and witness statements.

Interviewing Relevant Parties

Private investigators are allowed to perform background checks on people. They have access to expensive equipment and databases that has public information from various sources. Moreover, private investigators can interview victims, witnesses, and any other relevant parties to get accurate and firsthand statements. You can utilize these statements to strengthen your legal case and to figure out your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps if the PI that you hire has some law enforcement background and relevant experience in the field.

Testifying in Court

Another benefit of hiring a private investigator is that they can help your lawyer in preparing the case. Additionally, a PI can also help you by testifying in court as needed for your litigation support. Most PIs have years of experience gathering and documenting evidence, as well as preparing cases for court testimony. By hiring an experienced PI, you can ensure a thorough investigation of your case.

Relevant Experience

When you are hiring a PI, make sure that you hire someone with experience in your type of case. Each PI comes with his or her specialty, and when you match that experience and skill with your case, it can really help you build a strong legal case.  Trust your instinct while selecting a PI and don’t solely go by his resume or education. Ask yourself if the experience that the PI brings is relevant to your case or not.

Hire a Professional

If you need litigation support, you know you can count on the services of All Private Investigations. We conduct background investigations of relevant individuals on both sides of the case, and help you avoid any surprises in the litigation process. Additionally, we prepare an accurate timeline of events, review evidence and interviews conducted by the opposing party, and assist counsel in developing a thorough case. Moreover, we have very experienced investigators, and we offer quite affordable rates. For more information about our litigation support services, feel free to contact us at (631) 759-1414.