The proliferation of the internet has changed nearly every aspect of our lives in the past few decades. We have more information available at our fingertips than we ever dreamed of in the past, and this has caused many businesses the change with the times. With all this information available for the average person to search through, has the private investigator become irrelevant?

This is far from the case! While the internet can be a valuable tool, there’s nothing that comes close to the experience and extra channels of investigation that a qualified private detective can bring to your case. It’s not possible to conduct evidence searches and trained witness investigations over the internet, leaving an unchanged need for a private detective’s specialized skills. The many advantages of hiring a private detective include:

Physical Evidence Investigations

All the information available on the internet will never replace one of the most valuable aspects of any investigation, gathering physical evidence. A private detective — who is often a retired police officer — works alongside the police to gather additional evidence that benefits their client’s case. Hiring a private detective brings a fresh perspective to your case and can often turn up additional evidence that was initially overlooked.

Witness Interviews

In addition to searching for more evidence, a private detective can track down new witnesses or re-interview existing witnesses, examining their statements for any inconsistencies or new evidence. A qualified private detective will use their experience to examine many different avenues of investigation to find information that you would not be able to find yourself.


Another specialty of a professional private investigator is surveillance the average person does not have the skill or equipment to conduct. Commonly used in infidelity investigations, insurance investigations, and criminal investigations, a private investigator can use discreet surveillance techniques to track down additional evidence that can be used in your favor in court.

Hire a Private Detective in Long Island

When you need discreet, professional, legal private investigation and surveillance services, don’t rely on yourself or the internet. Choose a private investigator who can use their expertise to find real results for your case.

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