criminal defense
Image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay

Do you need assistance with your criminal defense? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With these three tips, you can understand how a PI can help you. From finding answers to having an unbiased opinion, a PI only wants to find the truth. Now let’s take a look at how a PI can assist with your criminal defense: 

1. Finding Details that Were Overlooked

A private investigator can help with your criminal defense in a variety of ways, but none is more important than finding details that were overlooked. Oftentimes, a private investigator will dive deep into police reports. He or she may want to revisit or recreate the crime scene to corroborate if any statements or theories might have been missed. Additionally, a PI may speak to witnesses, track down video footage, or look for other evidence that might have been ignored. If a PI finds any details that were missed during the investigation, he or she will report them to the defense team.  

2. Having an Unbiased Opinion

In order for you to have a fair criminal defense, PIs have an unbiased opinion. A private investigator won’t assume you’re guilty of a crime just because of  evidence against you. Instead, private investigators will work hard to prove your innocence. By tracking down overlooked leads, private investigators work with your defense team to find the truth. Whether that means looking through photographs, going through the timeline, or searching financial records, PIs are dedicated to finding what really happened. 

3. Find Experts in the Field

PIs can be resourceful when helping with your criminal defense. He or she can find experts in the field to test, examine, or evaluate key components of the case. By finding an expert, private investigators can gather more information on the crime itself. Additionally, private investigators can analyze findings and form theories police might have missed. By meeting with experts, a PI can understand more about the case and help you get the truth you deserve. 

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