Suspecting that a spouse might be cheating is a heart-wrenching scenario, but finding out can add peace of mind or begin the even harder process of separating. When you need to know the truth about possible infidelity, consider hiring a private investigator. Since many private investigators are former members of law enforcement, they have the necessary skills to get the answers you deserve.

We Operate Discreetly

The first thing to know about hiring a private investigator to observe your spouse is that we use discretion. Our team of experienced law enforcement agents know how to work without being seen. Even if our research determines that your spouse is faithful, they’ll never know that we’ve been watching. By working behind the scenes, those being watched by one of our PIs won’t know it until they’ve already been caught in the act!

We Do Surveillance

The second thing to know about hiring a private investigator to investigate your partner is that we will use a variety of techniques to watch them at all times. This might include video and audio bugs in a variety of different places. In some cases, the only way to catch a cheater is to catch them in the act–no matter where that happens. On the other hand, the best way to prove that your partner is faithful is to observe them when they think no one is looking.

We Run Background Checks

The third thing to know about hiring a private investigator to keep tabs on your spouse is that we can run background checks. While it’s hard to imagine that your spouse has something hidden in their past, the sad truth is that many people have skeletons in their closets that haven’t been revealed yet. Background checks dive into a lot of different parts of life: police records, credit checks, and phone records.

We Build Your Case Professionally

No matter how your suspicions of a cheating spouse may play out, you can rest assured that the professionals at All Private Investigations LLC will handle your case appropriately. We will be in your corner in the event that you need evidence to present to the court in a divorce filing. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, don’t go forward alone. Hire a private investigator at the first sign of infidelity. Call us today at (631) 759-1414 or use our contact form to get started.