Private investigators on Long Island offer a wide range of services that can aid in many situations, from crime and accident scene investigation; infidelity investigation; asset searches; litigation support; and much more.  Because of the wide array of services, and popular culture’s depiction of private investigation work, there are many misconceptions and myths about the job and role of a private investigator.  Inspector Gadget creates the impression that investigators have technological advances that no one else does.  James Bond has embedded the thought that investigators live luxurious lifestyles, with fancy cars and beautiful women. While, coincidentally, these assumptions may be accurate, they do not depict the typical reality of private investigation work.  There are many other, practical myths, that should be debunked.


Private investigators are not police officers, FBI agents or any other form of governmental investigation unit. Private investigators cannot circumvent the law with immunity, it is not a free-for-all and they cannot do whatever they want. A rogue investigator can to expose you the client, to potential criminal and civil penalties. Legitimate and well versed investigators will advise you how to meet your goals while staying well within the legal guidelines that govern investigative work. Some private investigators, such as those at All Private Investigations LLC, come from law enforcement backgrounds.


Decades spent investigating crimes ranging from homicide to accident investigations has brought All Private Investigations LLC to a level of proficiency few other investigation companies can match. This level of experience means the investigators at All Private Investigations LLC know how to access information which can benefit your case and they get it done both legally and discreetly.


Along the same vein, private investigators do not make arrests.  The job of a private investigator is not typically under the backdrop of an arrest. Even where a Long Island private investigation company is hired to perform an unsolved criminal investigation, the company performs a thorough and well-documented investigation to uncover new evidence and witnesses. Once the investigation is completed, the investigation company then forwards the information to law enforcement for an arrest of those involved in the crime.


Private investigators cannot trespass; wiretap; or record conversations. While surveillance is a enormous part of an investigator’s job, he or she must stay within legal limits to perform the surveillance. Entering into or onto private property is illegal, even for private investigators.  In states where conversations cannot be recorded with approval of all individuals, private investigators cannot record unless the subject knows. Wire-tapping is as illegal for private investigators as it is for all citizens.


Going back to James Bond and the false impressions his exhilarating movies give, the daily life of an investigator is not filled with action and suspense.  In fact, much of the time of a private investigator is spent gathering and assessing information. Whether it’s canvasing for witnesses and taking their written statements, obtaining video or photos to document someone’s activities, taking measurements of an accident scene and preparing diagrams or conducting database searches to locate persons or their assets, a private investigator’s time is spent gathering information in a process which leads to building a client’s case.


It is important to understand the work of a private investigation company on Long Island, so that you understand what he or she can and cannot do. If you are in need of any private investigation services within all legal and effective bounds, investigative work which will stand up in court, All Private Investigations LLC performs top-notch work.