PI helps accident investigation

A private accident investigation can make all the difference in how your insurance claim or legal case concludes. It’s natural to be shaken and unsteady after a traumatic accident, and your PI will help ensure you don’t miss time sensitive opportunities while you recover. A private investigation gives you the access and tools you need to attain and record all the pertinent evidence to your case before it disappears forever. Whether you’re worried about mobility, access, tools, or reputation, a PI can help.

Freedom of Movement

After an accident, your mobility is limited. At the very least, the damage to your car will probably mean it’s in the shop for several days. Your car may even be totaled. Those without a second car who do not have easy access to public transport are effectively stranded until their insurance company gives them a rental. Since many drivers do not have this kind of coverage, a serious accident means they cannot leave their homes. Making it to work will be a struggle, and most lack the time and means to stop and investigate the accident.

If you happen to be injured in an accident, you probably won’t be able to leave the hospital or your home, depending on the extent of the damage. Most victims have to take at least a few days off to recover from minor injuries. Major injuries, of course, create even more restrictions for the patient.

Gathering evidence for an accident investigation is a time sensitive task. In order to get critical data together before it is gone or the case has been closed, accident victims often employ private investigators. No matter what has happened to the victim, hiring a PI allows the victim to utilize the PI’s freedom of movement to accomplish these critical tasks.

Access and Authority

You need to speak to a lot of people after an accident. These include the police officer or officers who were first on the scene, officers who may be assigned to ongoing investigations, and other public authorities. You must also track down the party at-fault for the accident. Witnesses, of course, come in handy during any investigation, and experts can help reinforce your case.

However, police are busy, witnesses scatter, and the at-fault party may not want to be found. The best way to reach them all is to use a private investigator. These professionals bring their contacts and expertise to bear in order to speed up data collection and confirmation. They know how to reach the right police officers since they often collaborate with authorities. Naturally, private accident investigation experts also know how to track down private citizens. With their access and authority, they can accomplish much more work far more quickly.

Professional Tools

It’s always a good idea to snap some pictures of the scene with your phone’s camera immediately after the license plate. This information can even help a private investigation move faster. However, you have to remember that it’s difficult to take clear pictures with a camera phone, especially if the accident happens after dark and/or in inclement weather.

A private accident investigation involves professional tools. This means your hired expert can bring back high-quality photos of the scene of the accident to demonstrate your innocence. They can also record interviews with witnesses, document the at-fault party’s location, and more. Having quality evidence ready to prove your case when you deal with insurance claims and/or the legal system is an invaluable advantage.

Provides Facts for Your Narrative

The greatest way a private investigation helps after an accident is by bringing concrete facts to support your case. Private investigators are recognized, qualified witnesses for the facts they uncover. While your own research may be called into questions, facts brought to light by a private investigation have more reputable weight. This denies at-fault drivers many chances to dismiss charges based on he-said-she-said evidence. Private investigations yield facts, and those are what will win your claim or your case.

You may get more critical information from a PI than you expected. After all, private investigators have tools and qualifications you do not, which opens more doors. All of this evidence helps you build a narrative, and that will establish clearly who was at fault for an accident and what damage you suffered. This is the first step in reaching restitution.

A lot goes into an accident investigation, and it’s easy to lose track of a particular piece of evidence, witness, or report as you work to recover and rebuild. A private investigator prevents your inexperience, restrictions, or even faith in humanity from preventing you from getting the information you need. If you are the victim of an accident, it’s important to contact PI services as soon as possible. The sooner a PI joins a case, the more evidence they can collect on your behalf.