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Do you feel uneasy in your own office or home? Are other parties knowledgeable about private conversations you had? A private investigator can perform a debugging and make sure you are not being spied on.

What is Debugging?

Surveillance is a growing industry. We are all subject to people wanting to gather information about us. Private investigators practice debugging on a regular basis to protect their clients. An electronic bug is a device used to listen or take video and is typically used in surveillance. Bugs are very tiny and hard to detect without specialized equipment and knowledge. Debugging is the process of removing bugs from electronic communication devices.

Where Are Bugs Planted?

Landlines and cell phones are both vulnerable as are GPS devices. However, bugs can be planted anywhere including on clothing, in purses, or in a car. Computer internet lines are also prone to electronic tampering.

There are several types of telephone bugs. Most bugs, either audio or video, use radio frequency waves. The most common gadget is the Radio Frequency Bug, which captures sounds using a transmitter to transmit an audio signal to a remote location. Some bugs do not emit radio frequency waves which makes them harder to detect. They are often found by doing a physical search or checking for magnetic waves. Sometimes devices send off heat and can be found by looking for a hot spot with a thermal camera.

Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Is corporate espionage a new word in your vocabulary? If you feel that information from phone calls or meetings is getting into the wrong hands, you need a private investigator. Competition in the business world, a spouse, or a deviant may all be trying to gain information on your activities.

A private investigator has the tools and skills needed to do a sweep and determine if there is a problem. A private investigator may even interview persons to try to identify additional problem areas. In this way, they can help you develop a security plan. TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) is a service performed by qualified private investigators and other law enforcement. The TSCM process means going through the facility and looking for audio and video devices.

Call the Professionals

All Private Investigations will thoroughly sweep your premises and look for audio, video, and hidden GPS tracking devices. We will also inform you if laws were broken in planting these devices. Call us today to get to the bottom of your surveillance fears!