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Good private investigators can come from any field. But there’s probably no other profession that prepares a person to be a private investigator as well as law enforcement. Whether it is professionalism, confidentiality, passion, or tenacity, law enforcement officers already possess all of these traits and then some.


Years of practice as a police officer can be beneficial in interviewing, investigation and information gathering for a private investigator. Although they can no longer use their uniform or authority when questioning people, they have a wealth of investigative experience behind them. When making a shift in their profession, law enforcement officers may still have lots to learn. They may even have to unlearn a few habits but at least they a great head start.


Most people hold police officers to a high professional standard right from the beginning. They are trained to keep a calm composure and not be reactive in stressful situations. They are always in the public eye. As a result, this often teaches them to hide their emotions and remain thoroughly professional. Police officers certainly have the advantage of being held to a high standard of appearance and behavior that is monitored and enforced. Former police officers often bring this practice of professionalism to the PI industry and can succeed as investigators.


Police officers meet a lot of people from absolutely all walks of life. One of the essential contacts for an investigative practice is attorneys. Former law enforcement officials certainly have an advantage in this regard since their reputation with attorneys precedes them. Cops know lots of attorneys personally and can build upon their prior relationship in their profession as a private investigator. Other obvious connections for prior law enforcement officers starting out as PI are their fellow police officers. Having another reputed officer to call on to consult on a tough case can be highly valuable.

At All Private Investigations LLC, our former law enforcement professionals are a perfect fit for your investigative needs. They are dedicated, discreet and take pride in their work as well as their appearance. They will keep you and your family safe while working on your case. Call us today at 631-759-1414 for your investigative needs.