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Today’s society relies heavily on litigation support to solve problems for businesses and individuals. Private investigators are trained to compile facts so that attorneys have the information they need.  In addition, private investigators can provide evidence and testify at court proceedings.

Assistance with Legal Proceedings

Nearly every area of the law will benefit from the support of private investigators, from divorce proceedings to criminal defense to intellectual property rights. Private investigators are able to get detailed information that allows attorneys to contact witnesses and discover information that is important to make their case. Attorneys often are very busy putting together a case and may not have time for detailed investigation. Finding evidence can be time-consuming and complex. A private investigator supplies that support by getting evidence that does not come out in regular discovery proceedings.

Private Investigators Work Discreetly

Many people assume that private investigators are similar to police in that they go door to door questioning people. In reality, private investigators are able to conduct investigations very discreetly using covert techniques. Computer analysis, asset investigation, detailed background checks, and surveillance are some of the techniques used by private instigators.

With modern technology, investigators can search globally for people. Up to 90% of documents are now written on a computer device. Computer forensics is a technique that allows private investigators to access evidence from computers. Private investigators are trained to acquire and analyze large amounts of data using computer forensics.

Professional Training

Private investigators are trained professionals. For instance, while most people can run a Google search for information, a private investigator has specialized software and is trained to dig much deeper and achieve greater results. Locating people and finding witnesses can be very frustrating for an attorney. Private investigators can find those persons so that they can be subpoenaed as witnesses.

Private investigators are also trained to represent their clients in court. Their expertise allows them to give credible testimony, and they can provide an accurate timeline of events. In addition, they can explain how they operated within the law to gain the information.

Get Litigation Support

All Private Investigations is a licensed, bonded, and insured private investigation firm in Long Island, New York. We are experienced in litigation support and work with attorneys to find the necessary evidence to support their case. We will interview witnesses, victims, and others to get first-hand accounts. In addition, we provide an accurate timeline for events as well as compile evidence. Contact us with your private investigation needs.