unsolved criminal investigation
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Across the country, there are thousands of unsolved criminal investigations. Private investigators have proven to be valuable in assisting with unsolved murders, kidnappings, stalkers, and more. They can bring a new perspective to the case and a fresh set of eyes. Ultimately, a private investigator can assist clients in these cases by helping them fill in the details surrounding the case.

Investigating Cold Cases

Trained professionals will review all of the old evidence, talk to witnesses, read all reports, and examine every detail with fresh eyes. The private investigator may be able to see a connection that the original investigation team missed. He will then interview witnesses again. Sometimes the right question will trigger a new piece of information. Something this simple could be what you need to break open the case.

As professionals, All Private Investigations have a network of contacts that may help with the official police investigators. The officers may be more willing to share their knowledge with these contacts. Our far-reaching network can gather information for the original case. In addition to personal contacts, our private investigators are well-versed in using advanced technology to find pertinent facts quickly. We can also use other technology to access surveillance equipment.

Working With the Legal System

The private investigators at All Private Investigations are trained in the legalities of the justice system. We will work diligently to get facts and evidence that are admissible in court. Some types of evidence we legally collect are:

  • DNA Evidence
  • Audio and Video Enhancements
  • Fingerprints
  • Stolen Property

We Can Help With Justice

If you have been the victim of an unsolved criminal investigation, hire a private investigator at All Private Investigations. We can help you find justice and close the case once and for all. Our experts bring the most effective, reliable methods to bear on your investigation. We conduct undercover work, forensics analysis, recovery of property, and more. Call 631-759-1414 today or visit www.allprivateinvestigations.com/contact-us for more information.