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Witnesses to an accident or incident can be difficult to work with. Collecting witness statements can be a tricky task. Whether or not witnesses are working with the police, if you are trying to gather statements on your own for your case, they might not be receptive to talking. Private investigators are used to finding witnesses and acquiring statements from witnesses. Collecting witness statements can be a long and arduous task. Here is a little bit more about what is involved.


The first step in gathering statements is finding the witnesses. This can be done in a number of ways. Police lists of witnesses can be used. In addition, you can look up and talk to people that live in the area where the incident happened. And the client can provide information about any people that they know were at the scene. Once a list has been created, the private investigator can use their resources to locate the witnesses.


Once witnesses have been located, it’s time to get in contact with them. Calls can be made, doors can be knocked on, and emails sent. Depending on the type of case and witnesses, the course of action will be different. In some cases, giving the witness plenty of warning is good. While in other cases, finding and meeting up with the witness immediately is important. An experienced private investigator will know how to deal with each unique witness.

Getting a Statement

Acquiring the witness statement is the most important step of this process. These statements have the ability to change the outcome of a case. New information can be uncovered. A new viewpoint can reveal a theory or fact that wasn’t known previously. Private investigators understand the importance of witness statements and so will put the effort into getting the statements. They will track down the witnesses and ask them the right questions to get the whole story out and recorded.

Collecting witness statements can require hitting a lot of pavement. But private investigators are willing to do the work because of the impact these statements can have on a case. If you are in the middle of a case and need witness statements gathered, consider hiring a private investigator. All Private Investigations is here to help you. Give us a call at (631) 759-1414.