using drones for detective work
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Private investigators have always used emerging technology in their practices. They consistently look for ways that new technology can help them solve cases more quickly. As drones become more and more advanced, they’ve also become more and more helpful for private investigation. As a result, private investigators in Long Island are now using drones in detective work. Below are some of the ways in which drones can help solve cases.

Building Your Case

Private investigation involves a lot of groundwork, or in this case, above-the-ground work. Investigators spend a lot of time doing preliminary scouting. We scope out land, take a lot of photographs, and try to get a broad view of the situation.  Using drones for detective work gives us a way to gather as much information as we possibly can. Maps don’t always provide the most accurate information, so drones give us a way to scope out the situation for ourselves. While we do use tools such as Google Earth to map out our strategy, we never know how recently Google Earth took a particular photo. Outdated information can harm a case, so we prefer to gather as much information as we can by ourselves. We can’t use drones for every part of our work, but they do give us a lot of information in the first step to the investigation.

Distance and Safety

Private investigators take a lot of photographs for their cases, but we’re not always able to get close-up photos safely. Drones give us the distance that we need if the subject is a violent or otherwise dangerous person. Distance provides other benefits as well. Up-close photographs give us a clear, focused picture, but photos from a distance give us a broad sense of the bigger picture, which can help us pick up on details we might have otherwise missed. If we’re monitoring a specific situation, drones show us the full event piece by piece in a more cohesive way.

Finding Hidden Places

Cheaters and perpetrators can sometimes hide in plain sight, but that possibility gets smaller and smaller the more drone technology improves. The wide view that drones provide allows us to view hidden shacks, tool sheds, wooded areas, and other places that stand out of the way or may be hidden by scenery. We can also use drones in detective work to find stolen property.

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