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Have you received a ruling but the debtor is claiming not to have the funds? Unfortunately, just because the court rules on a case doesn’t mean the ordeal is over. If you have a debtor claiming not to have the funds to pay you, it could be time to call in a private investigator. Performing an asset search can confirm whether or not the debtor actually has the assets required. Don’t wait around for your debtor to come clean, find the truth out for yourself. Here is how an asset search could help you.


Hunting Down Records


Private investigators know how to access both public and non-public records. These records could reveal assets that were unknown to you. If the results show that there are assets, you will want to know about them. Looking into these records could also prove that the debtor is telling the truth. Either way, a private investigator will be able to access records that you would not know how to. Those records could be the key to receiving the payment awarded to you.


Sifting through Liabilities


An asset search is useful, but it doesn’t always end with you getting paid. Sometimes, funds found through an asset search are not accessible. There are many reasons for this. For example, a government entity could freeze assets, or the funds may be tied up in non-liquidated assets. For this reason, private investigators also search for liabilities against those found assets. There could be tax liens, bankruptcies, and other judgments already connected to these assets. Before we reveal any new, found assets, we want to know if they are viable options. You don’t want to pursue assets only find out the funds are not accessible to you.


We’re Here to Find Assets


Our goal is to find assets that you will be able to collect. It’s possible that you could have some knowledge or a hunch that your debtor is hiding assets. However, without the ability to prove it you are limited in the action you can take. Hiring a private investigator to help you with an asset search is the best way to know for sure. Once armed with proof, then you can pursue what is rightfully yours.

At All Private Investigators, we specialize in asset searches. Our experienced investigators are ready and willing to perform the searching for you. Our expertise and investigation will lead us to any assets that are collectible. If you are interested in having an asset search performed, All Private Investigations can help you find assets you didn’t know were there. Give us a call today at (631) 759-1414.