Private Investigator Photo by Toa Heftiba
Photo by Toa Heftiba

Private investigators do a lot in pop culture. They seem to fill any number of roles, and many of those translate to real life. Although a PI cannot address every concern in your life, you may be surprised by the number of situations with which a private investigator can help. Whether you need to find a missing person, clarify the fault of an accident, or monitor a suspicious employee, a private investigator can help.

A Missing Persons Case

Police are chronically overworked and under-funded. Although they always do their best to help citizens in need, they simply can’t follow every line of inquiry to its conclusion. A private investigator can help concerned friends and family members find their loved ones faster. Moreover, a private investigator also has the ability to stay on a case longer than police. Free of political and departmental influences, a PI is at the disposal of the employer. It doesn’t matter if the case has gone cold. Even if you are pleased with the police’s overall availability, hiring a PI gives law enforcement the ability to follow more leads simultaneously.

An Accident

Depending on how badly damaged the vehicles involved in the accident are, it may be hard to tell at first glance who was at fault. Since many accidents happen at intersections, the matter of fault may also depend on the color of the light. If there was no video surveillance at the intersection, then you may need witness statements to prove your innocence to insurers. Finding these witnesses is time-consuming and difficult. Although police will do their best to uphold the law, insurance is a private matter. Securing the services of a private investigator can ensure you have all the evidence and information necessary to satisfy insurers. Such measures can save you thousands in potential damages and hiked insurance rates.

Criminal Defense

A lawyer is only half of your best defense team. No police force is infallible, and it’s important to not only have your own legal representation, but also your investigative powers. A private investigator is a major support to any legal aid. It’s also true that once you enter the legal process, the police may default to supporting the prosecution. Although they are highly unlikely to cross any legal borders, it’s very common for police to focus on their chief suspect. After all, if they didn’t feel they had sufficient evidence, the prosecutor would not have taken the case to court. This makes it imperative to take the initiative and give your lawyer the professional assistance necessary to investigate further leads in the interest of proving reasonable doubt. They may even uncover evidence that exonerates you, which is, naturally, the ideal situation. Even if your PI does not discover such compelling evidence, chances are high they can gather enough leads to weigh in your favor if the prosecution enters negotiation concerning a deal.


Sometimes, we cannot count on people close to us to be honest. Their actions could affect your lifestyle, finances, or even your business’s stability. Private investigators are often best known for assistance with private concerns. This could mean shadowing a spouse to ensure a gambling habit hasn’t developed or to ensure there are no grounds for divorce. Employers may also need to have their employees monitored to ensure they are not skimming from the till or lifting merchandise. Whatever the reason, these situations are incredibly sensitive, and it’s important that they remain in confidence so the truth isn’t lost or obscured. This important task isn’t to be assigned lightly, and a private investigator is both a reliable and discrete choice.

Background Investigations

Although there are many basic background check services available, they are not sufficient for the most secure positions. When you’re hiring individuals to work with children, money, or valuables, it’s important to have the full story. Often, fear of a scandal results in quiet dismissals rather than prosecution. To discover the reason for these dismissals, it’s important to investigate the issue thoroughly. A private investigator can provide a far more thorough report than any regular background check service. If you have concerns about an individual in your private life, or you want to ensure an individual is worthy of a heavy responsibility, a private investigator can be of use again.

These are only a few of the most common situations a private investigator may help. Anytime you have a question in need of answers or a concern you cannot solve on your own, it’s worthwhile to stop and consider hiring a private investigator. Their skills and experience pair perfectly with their discretion and confidentiality. Whether you need to prove your innocence to others or discover the truth of someone else’s honesty, these services are important. You may be surprised by the range of assistance a PI can offer.