Tips for Hiring a Private Investigation Firm in Suffolk County

If you need a private investigation firm on Long Island, odds are you and your family have been placed in an unfortunate situation: a loved one is missing, you suspect a spouse is cheating on you, your loved one has been victim of unsolved crime.  Needless to say, it is crucial to hire a qualified company with stellar investigators.  But, as a lay person, how are you supposed to know what makes one company or one investigator better than another?  Every private investigation company, just as in every industry, will hold themselves out to be the best. And not all of them are great.  But, to choose the right one for you, here are some tips.

First, importantly,  hire a company that is licensed.  You can easily verify if a company is licensed by asking to see a copy of the license or checking with the licensing agency.  This is crucial as you are hiring the company for an important reason and do not want to run into legal issues down the line because you hired an unlicensed company.

Second, hire a Long Island private investigation company that is made up of experienced detectives.  Former NYPD detectives have decades of experience and expertise with navigating the legal, ethical and successful investigation techniques.  For example, All Private Investigations, LLC, is a licensed and bonded Long Island Investigation company, comprised of all former NYPD detectives. Inquire as to the background, experience and education of the company and the investigators who will be working on your case. 

Check the media.  Have there been news stories, press releases or TV programs that have featured the company or a lead investigator? While this is not always determination, it is good to know that the company is renowned in some sense and has done meaningful work that the media finds newsworthy. All Private Investigation has been featured in such news as Visit Here.


Find someone who is honest and upfront about the costs of the services and exactly what those costs include.  This can also lead into a discussion about the techniques and methods the company uses, which you should always find out.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the person and believe that they have a good, quality character.  This person will literally be your eyes and your ears, trying to figure out something that may literally change your life.  It is absolutely crucial that you trust them with this massive task.  Trust is not just due to the fact they are the most qualified company, but that they are high moral character and you feel comfortable disclosing crucial, but perhaps embarrassing or compromising information to them.  This comes mostly from gut instinct and their level of experience.