asset searchAre you going through an unpleasant divorce? If so, a PI can help. By conducting a search of both public and private records, private investigators can locate hidden assets. With a range of methods, a PI can discover if assets have been moved to a third party location, transferred to relatives, or moved overseas. With experience in the field, a PI can conduct a thorough asset search and locate your belongings. Let’s take a look at how a PI can help find hidden assets: 

By Conducting a Thorough Asset Search of Your Property 

A PI will first conduct a search of your property filings. This includes mortgages, deeds, addresses, and utility reports. Such filings will be looked at closely to see if any assets have tried to be hidden. For instance, any property that you and your partner don’t own together may be looked at as suspicious, especially if the property is under a different name. Purchases like property raise red flags for investigators who look for a large amount of hidden assets. 

Looking Through Your Lawsuits and Court Filings

When a PI has no luck in finding hidden assets through your property filings, he or she will organize an asset search of your past lawsuits. Searches will be made to look through compensation payouts, taxes, and other miscellaneous court documents. Investigators look to see if money has been transferred overseas or hidden by relatives. By looking through your lawsuits, private investigators will get to know your strategies. That way, they’ll be able to find other hidden assets effectively and quickly. Also, by conducting a search into your past court filings, they’ll find information on bankruptcy filings, UCC filings, business records, and many more. Such information can aid an investigator in locating hidden assets. 

Searching Through Your Vehicle Records   

Another way a PI can find hidden assets is by searching through your vehicle records. Some people might purchase one or two vehicles under a different name in an attempt to conceal their property. However, private investigators search through public data to find vehicle titles, registrations, and more. To locate where a vehicle might be, private investigators also look into rented storage units, car storage, and other rented spaces. These spaces may be used to hide other assets like jewelry, cash, and boats. 

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