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A private investigator in Long Island can assist with an insurance investigation. If you are an insurance company that suspects fraud, a private investigator can track down the person who committed the fraud and verify the validity of the claim. The following are some of the services that a private investigator in Long Island can use during your insurance investigation.

Obtaining Statements

Private investigators can look into claims by obtaining statements from medical personnel, friends, and family, as well as by obtaining documents pertaining to the claims. Anything found by an investigator can be permissible in court if the investigation goes that far. An investigator can find more information than an insurance company could gather for themselves. This is because PIs have knowledge of the correct procedures and know who to call to get information quickly.

Background Checks

Background checks are useful to find any past illnesses, past fraudulent claims, and personal history of the person making the claim. Additionally, if your company thinks that any waiting periods or insurance rules were not followed, a background check will be able to secure that information. Information found via background checks can also be used in court as evidence of insurance fraud.

Subpoena Services

In order to get witnesses to testify in court, they will need to be subpoenaed. Instead of hiring an additional lawyer to get the subpoena, hire a private investigator with subpoena services. This will save you both time and money when all of your services are coming from one individual or company.

Video Surveillance

On rare occasions, you may need video surveillance to provide proof of fraud. A private investigator will be able to use high-end equipment to get video and print proof of the fraud that is admissible in a court of law. Video surveillance is both legal and discreet, allowing you to obtain the proof you need without alerting the fraudulent party of your investigation until they are charged. Keeping the fraudulent persons from knowing of your investigation may be crucial to catching them doing fraudulent acts.

If you are an insurance company in Long Island that suspects fraud, contact All Private Investigations, LLC today. We are a private investigation service in Long Island that will provide all of the above services and more in order to get enough evidence to reveal the truth of your insurance investigation. Contact us today for a free consultation.