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Cases can go unsolved for years. This happens for many reasons including lack of manpower, technology development, help from witnesses, and the like. This can be frustrating and life-changing for the people involved in the case. However, the work doesn’t have to come down to just the law enforcement. Private investigators can help solve unsolved cases. Here are three ways private investigators can help.

Fresh Eyes

All cases come with a lot of paperwork. There are documents to be filed, pictures to be taken and evaluated, evidence to be categorized and stored, and lots of paperwork. All of this can build up until the agents on the case become overwhelmed. Private investigators can come in and look at old information with new and fresh eyes. They can evaluate the information in a different light because they weren’t the ones who gathered it. This can help them think of new leads and find ways to take the case in a new direction.

Test Old Theories

A benefit of a private investigator coming in after information has been gathered and theories have been made is that they can test them. Private investigators are trained in how to evaluate the information provided and figuring out probability. For example, in driving cases, they can test if a car would act a certain way at a specific speed. They’ll test timing, knowledge, and other theories. Having a PI test theories can give you peace of mind. They will be able to tell you whether old theories are viable or if new ones need to be developed.

Find New Evidence and Discover New Lines of Inquiry

The last thing private investigators can help with is finding new information. Once they have gone over everything that’s already been gathered and tested theories, they can think up their own. They might track down a witness or suspect that was never talked to or find physical evidence that changes current theories. They may prove current theories wrong and develop a new one. Private investigators are resourceful and full of experience that can help in an unsolved case.

If you or someone you know is involved in an unsolved case, you don’t have to despair. Hiring a private investigator can help reopen and solve your case. All Private Investigations can help with your case. We come in with fresh eyes and ready to help. If you have an unsolved case, give us a call at (631) 759-1414.