Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

Many people wonder what a private investigator does at a crime scene. If he does the same thing as the police why is he valuable? Can he only work for the suspected? Because of mystery and crime novels, there is a lot of curiosity about what private investigators really do at crime scenes. PIs can be extremely valuable on the defense and prosecution side of an investigation. Here are a few things that a PI will do to process a crime scene.

Search, Document, and Photograph

Private investigators can process a crime scene right after a crime has been committed or even months later. Because they work on a different schedule than the police, there is some variation as to when they will come on the scene. Once on the scene, they will try to create a full picture of the crime scene. A PI will search the scene for any evidence that might have been overlooked or to confirm police findings. They will thoroughly document everything they see and find on the site. They will also either sketch or take pictures onsight. These images will help once they are off the scene to look back on or confirm theories. The initial things they do will look very much like what the police do but as always the more eyes on the ground, the better.

Tests Police’s Theories

Because they come to the scene after the police, the private investigators can test the theories that the police have already developed. This can be a great advantage as they can either prove or disprove life-changing theories. They will use the evidence they gathered to develop their own view of the crime scene. A PI for the defense may be able to disprove a police theory which could exonerate the suspect in court. Or a PI for the prosecution could test and prove that what the police have theorized actually is viable.

Organize and Conquer

A private investigator’s job on a crime scene is to gather any and all bits of information and evidence they can. They meticulously organize and catalog everything that they take away from the scene, such as sketches, pictures, and physical evidence. In this respect, they are much like the police. They want everything they can find on the case and want it well documented.

Private investigators can be a great asset to either side of a crime scene investigation. The extra eyes and attention to detail they can bring to the case are indispensable. If you need a private investigator to look at your crime scene, All Private Investigations can help you. Give us a call, (631) 759-1414.