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Counter surveillance is when you recognize that you are under surveillance and begin to counter or prevent that surveillance from continuing. This counter surveillance can be accomplished in a number of ways including tracking by foot, driving, taking other forms of transportation, or searching the internet. Counter surveillance is often necessary in critical situations. However, those who are being surveyed often cannot run counter surveillance successfully for themselves. This is where the help of a third-party person such as a private investigator can come in handy. Here is how a PI can help run counter surveillance.


While some people have successfully run counter surveillance for themselves, the outcome for others isn’t often as good. Counter surveillance, especially in serious cases, can be a dangerous task. Having a PI run counter surveillance helps to ensure your safety. Not only does it decrease the chance of the surveyor catching on to your counter surveillance, but it also ensures that you are 100% safe through the whole process. Hiring a professional can get the job done while keeping you safe and stopping you from being under surveillance.

Ensure Success

Running counter surveillance for yourself can be more than just difficult. If someone is running surveillance on you it can be nearly impossible to counter it, unless you are a professional. Private investigators know how to successfully run counter surveillance to ensure success. They have experience with these situations and know what to do to deal with your surveillance problem. This way, with a PI, you can rest assured that you are not under surveillance without having to expend any further energy on the situation.

Prevent Future Surveillance

Along with dealing with the present surveillance issue, private investigators can help you prevent future surveillance. Private investigators can provide you with tips on how to lower the chances of being spied on. Chances are that a PI has seen almost everything when it comes to counter surveillance. Your PI’s experience can help ensure that your privacy is secure.

If you suspect that you are under surveillance, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Being under surveillance can leave you feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. Hiring a private investigator can ensure that counter surveillance is run successfully in order to deal with your surveillance problem. At All Private Investigations, we are professionals when it comes to running counter surveillance. We have experience with both covert and overt operations to ensure that you are no longer under surveillance. Don’t live under surveillance. Contact us today at 631-759-1414.