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There is a wide misconception when it comes to private investigators assisting law enforcement. Movies and television shows often portray private investigators as lawbreakers that get in the way of the authorities in order to solve their own cases. However, this is far from reality. Private investigators are actually valuable assets to law enforcement. PI’s and the police often work hand-in-hand to solve cases and bring people to justice. Private investigators help support the police in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the ways that a private investigator supports the police.

New Perspective

Police have their methods and ways to solve cases and perform detective work. While these methods work for a lot of cases, some need a new set of eyes to gain additional insight. While private investigators may help the police, they don’t work in the same way. PI’s have working methods that often differ from the police. The reason for this is that private investigators aren’t required to uphold as many rules or codes of conduct when it comes to their work. By having a different way of working and solving cases, private investigators can often provide helpful insight on tough cases. PI’s also may have various contacts and expertise. Moreover, because private investigators usually come from different backgrounds, they also possess different skill sets. These skills become extremely valuable in many cases. These differences are what often makes private investigators so useful to law enforcement.  By having a private investigator take a fresh, new perspective on the case can help support the police in their work.

Collecting Evidence

The evidence is at the core of any case. Without a sufficient amount of evidence supporting a case, law enforcement is left with their hands tied behind their back. Here is where a private investigator can help support the police. Private investigators can get involved in cases where police aren’t allowed.  A good PI can gather enough evidence for the police in order for them to be able to be involved with the case. It’s not uncommon for police to come at a crossroads between wanting to get involved in a case but not being able to due to lack of evidence. Private investigators can get everything the police needs to ensure that they are within legal bounds and those guilty will not get away. However, this does not mean that PI’s are above the law. Apart from their job is to uphold the law just as much as the police but without as many restrictions and rules on how to go about it.

Helping with Manpower

Crime never stops which means that neither does law enforcement. It’s not uncommon for the police to become overloaded with cases, leaving both citizens and law enforcement frustrated. Sadly, some cases end up forgotten or put on the bottom of the stack. This is where the support of private investigators comes in handy. PI’s can make headway on other cases while the police focus their energy on priority investigations and cases. PI’s can begin to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and other things to help move cases along and give police a hand. Also, some private investigators have previous law enforcement or military training, which makes them an even more substantial asset in police investigations.

Serving Warrants

Having to locate and serve warrants is often a difficult task to law enforcement. Many people have distrust and fear towards the police. This can make it difficult to perform tasks such as locating individuals and serving warrants. Private investigators help to support police by taking over some of these tasks. PI’s are more effective in locating and talking to individuals in order to serve warrants or subpoenas, and other documents. This is because people open up more and share more details to private investigators that don’t look as if they are the police. This way law enforcement doesn’t have to spend excess time on serving warrants or locating individuals and can leave it up to the private investigators.

Private investigators do more for the police than just getting in their way. They offer a wide range of services and skills that can help several elements of law enforcement. From being undermanned or needing to serve warrants, private investigators can help support their local law enforcement. At All Private Investigations, we have skilled professionals that work with the police. Some even have either law enforcement or military backgrounds which often come in handy when it comes to solving cases. While private investigators and the police aren’t the same, they both work together to uncover the truth and bring people to justice. For a free consultation today, contact All Private Investigations at 631-759-1414.