How to Bolster a Court Case with the Aid of a Private Investigator


The number one job of an attorney is to adequately represent his or her client.  And while not every case is a winner, to a client, “adequate representation” usually means a victory in court.  Attorneys are equipped with hoards of legal knowledge, bargaining strategies and cups of coffee to get the job done.  However, there are some efforts, which can be done through the aid of a private investigator, that will surely bolster a legal case, to help get the victory the client desires or push the case toward settlement.


Long Island and New York City are home to endless law firms, most of which have affiliations with certain private investigation companies such as All Private Investigations LLC.  Law firms consult with these firms to leverage their position and strategize effective ways to approach the court process.  Here are some ways a private investigation firm can aid in the legal process:


For personal injury firms, private investigators can aid in an array of areas, beginning with an accident scene reconstruction.  A top-notch private investigation firm on Long Island will report to the accident scene to take photographs, interview witnesses and locate surveillance.  It is always beneficial for attorneys to have evidence other than testimony at the time of trial, as the testimony of all of the parties often conflicts. In addition, especially for more complicated accidents, a private investigation firm can aid in creating scaled replicas of the scene through careful measurement and research. In addition, have a detective’s eyes, to review reports and other data, and ears, to thoroughly interview, can never hurt.


For matrimonial and family law firms, the opportunities to bolster your case through the use of a private investigation firm in New York are endless. Depending on the issues involved in the divorce or custody case, there is almost nothing that is “off-limits” in terms of questioning and evidence. Many private investigation firms, including All Private Investigations LLC, offer video surveillance services and report back to a spouse, or an attorney in a divorce, where the spouse goes, what he or she does, and with whom he or she does it.  In addition, for many of the wealthier clients in New York or Long Island, private investigators can be particularly helpful in locating hidden assets, which will impact maintenance, child support and equitable distribution.


Those are specific examples, but a private investigator on Long Island can help in any area of law in so many ways. For example, a private investigation firm can aid in locating people or businesses, whether that person is a witness or a potential party.  Further, an investigator’s report can aid in preparation for cross-examination or settlement discussions, or it may help to “solve the puzzle.”  Background checks on all parties can be done and evidence reviewed and monitored by private investigation firms, to avoid unwanted surprises at the time or trial.  And lastly, reputable, knowledgeable and skilled private investigators make wonderful expert witnesses at the time of trial.


As seen above, there are numerous benefits for law firms and private investigation firms to team up. These benefits should not be overlooked and should be used to aid cases whenever necessary.