Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Looking through public records can be a laborious and time-consuming task. There isn’t one place where you can find everything you need. Hiring a private investigator will make the job quicker.

What Are Public Records?

Public records are information and official documents that are not considered confidential. Birth, death, and marriage certificates, as well as property ownership, have always been widely available to the public. Driving records including traffic violations and accidents are also public records.

Most public records pertain to government business. In the United States, the ability to have access to court records was granted by the Supreme Court in 1978. Criminal and court records are available usually on county or state websites. Sex offenders are also easy to look up.

Public Records for Companies

Businesses are subject to having public records. This includes information such as quarterly and annual financial reports, board minutes, and disciplinary measures. Public records for companies may also include bankruptcy information, real estate values, and net worth. Employees are tracked by number of employees and other census information.

How Can You Access Public Records?

Anyone with a computer and internet can access public information. Government offices keep online records that are available through searches. In addition, the US Census Bureau and state departments of health keep public records for various things. Some information is kept in specific departments so you must know exactly what you are seeking.

The Freedom of Information Act allows people to request certain records from the government. To do this the government requires you to submit forms. This may be a time-consuming process, however, and is one reason many people choose to hire a private investigator to do the work.

What Records Can a Private Investigator See?

A private investigator is familiar with the system and is trained to look up public records. They are skilled in finding facts quickly and efficiently. In addition, private investigators have databases that they share with law enforcement.

These databases require a private investigators credentials to access. This is because they give personal information in far greater detail then what is available to the public. These databases can cover individuals and corporations. They are updated in real time, so they are much more current than the typical online search.

Let Us Find The Information You Need

All Private Investigations can get the information you need. We have access to law enforcement databases and will get your information quickly. We will discreetly get the information you need. Contact us to get started today.