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Search “private investigator and injured employees,” and you’ll find a host of articles written from each perspective – employees who are garnering benefits due to injury and the investigators hired to check up on them. Although this is a service we offer at All Private Investigations, it’s important to understand that we don’t think that every employee getting benefits is acting fraudulently. Many people get hurt on the job and use the benefits they earn. However, that is not always the case. Rotten apples do make their way into the bunch, and that is why we offer second-to-none service to help your company.

Fraudulent Activity

Unfortunately, some people try to use the system to their advantage without actually being injured. When someone tries to access the benefits of a short- or long-term disability plan without actually being incapable of working there is a simple name for it – fraud. When the system is gamed and accessed unlawfully, it causes employers to pay money they shouldn’t have to and insurance companies to raise premiums. Shareholder value goes down, prices go up for customers, and everyone loses except the person breaking the law. This is where a private investigator can partner with businesses and insurance companies to make sure people who don’t deserve benefits don’t get them.

How We Verify the Truth

At All Private Investigations, we offer the works. We use the best investigation practices, modern technology, and good old-fashioned hard work to get the information you need. A case may include obtaining witness statements, conducting video surveillance, background checks, tracking witness location, and even subpoena services. In cases where it is necessary and beneficial, the investigator assigned to your case will also provide testimony for the investigation. As an expert witness who observed the wrongdoing, this often speaks volumes in the justice system.

Peace of Mind, Protection of Assets

Again, many people take advantage of their hard-earned benefits, like disability insurance, because they need it and deserve it. As unfortunate as it is, workers sometimes get hurt on the job. One of our primary services is providing peace of mind. There are times we may come back and affirm that your employee is experiencing what they claim they are. The difference is that you can know for sure and then help that person the way they deserve until they can come back and work hard for your organization. However, when the time does come that an employee is milking your generosity, we’ll help you get the proof. With the information you gain from your private investigator and injured employee, you can verify the truth and protect your hard-earned assets. Give us a call today and set up a free consultation.