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Did you know that a private investigator can help you after an accident? We’ll even go so far as to advise that you call a private investigator right after for accident scene investigations. Whether you are at fault or the victim of an accident, you’ll get all the help you need for an accident report and to go to court if necessary.

Obtain Police Accident Report

After an accident occurs, you’ll likely feel disoriented and probably a little scared. Safety should be your number one priority, but once you know that you are safe, call a private investigator. Through accident scene investigations, private investigators can review accident reports and other related documents to help you piece together what exactly happened. Sometimes our memories aren’t the most reliable, so evidence from the scene is the next best thing.

Respond Directly to the Accident

Private investigators call them “accident scene investigations” for a reason. When you call, they will respond to you very quickly and can even be there after the accident happens. Having a private investigator around is helpful so that you understand your rights and have someone to be your memory during a very emotional time. This also gives the private investigator time to contact witnesses.

Contact Witnesses

If the accident was seen by anyone not involved, they will be able to corroborate your story. This can mean the difference between being charged and having that charge dropped. It also helps on the other end, if you are the victim of an accident. In that case, you deserve justice. Accident scene investigations will help you get that justice by asking witnesses what they saw. This can be done right at the scene of the accident or later on down the line.

Diagram Preparation

A private investigator will take photographs, measurements, and even a video of the scene in order to scale a diagram of the accident. This helps when discussing the accident and can be used in the courtroom. The to-scale diagram also comes with a case report of all of the private investigator’s findings to verify if there is a case to be taken to court at all.

At All Private Investigations, LLC, our private investigators are former law enforcement agents. They are well versed in accident scene investigations. If you have been in an accident or would like more information, call us today at (631) 759-1414.