private investigators and lawyers
Photo by J Zamora on Unsplash

Many people don’t realize it, but private investigators and lawyers┬ámake the perfect combination in many ways. While the two professions are different, they are also complementary. Lawyers are great at working with clients, organizing information, and using that information to navigate the legal system. As a lawyer, information is your best weapon and defense in any case. The more you know, the better prepared you are to argue the case. Private investigators are experts at getting that information. PIs have training, tools, and experience that can be leveraged to get the most and best information for lawyers. Here are a few of the many ways that PIs can help lawyers.

Interviewing Witnesses

Despite having access to police records and reports, lawyers need additional interviews to glean more information. Private investigators know how to interview witnesses and get information by building rapport and asking the right questions. All Private Investigations is led by an experienced NYPD detective and staffs experienced law enforcement professionals who have practice gathering vital information about a case from witnesses.

New Leads or Evidence

Often the most critical facts in a case are discovered in the preparation phases when a lawyer is researching and building their case. Private investigators have the means and resources to track down missing individuals that are vital to cases. They are also experts at using records and data to find truths that may provide insight.

Develop a Profile

While so much information is out there and available in today’s digital world, most people don’t know how to find it. And even if you do, the average person often does not have the ability or skills necessary to access the information. Private investigators have robust tools unique to their trade to help them research an individual and build profiles of people that are often integral to a lawyer’s case


Sometimes the good old fashioned skills are still the most useful. Surveillance may not be as fancy as computer forensics, but a well-timed photograph of the right person in the wrong situation still gets the job done. Private investigators can use their skills and expertise in surveillance to verify suspicions.

Asset Searches

Divorce and business disputes are two common law cases where assets and finances are often part of the tension. In more cases than you might think, amounts of money are not mentioned or somehow disappear. Private investigators and lawyers can work together to trace and report assets so that accounts are settled legally and fairly.

You Can’t Have Too Much Good Information

There’s no doubt that private investigators and lawyers make a great team. The reality is that we live in an information-based world. And as a lawyer or client in any case, you need all the help you can get to present your evidence and see justice. Contact All Private Investigations today for more information about our services or to set up a consultation.