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Hire a private investigator if you are ever facing litigation. With the help of your lawyer and a private investigator, any evidence, testimony, and missing details can be uncovered so there are no surprises in the courtroom. Litigation support NYC is important and should be done by someone you trust. Why not use former law enforcement?

Conducting Interviews

A private investigator can conduct interviews on both sides of the case legally. Any information they find out is admissible in a courtroom and as such is vital to your case. Anything the other side may know, you want to know, and a private investigator can find that out. Whether you have been charged with a crime, are on the side of the prosecution about to go to trial, or in the middle of an investigation, a private investigator can help.

Background Investigations of Relevant Individuals

Background checks on those involved can uncover information that you may not already know. Interviews are great when people tell the truth, but sometimes they lie. Evidence found in a background check does not lie. Private investigators, especially those that are former law enforcement, know how to uncover information the right way so that it can be used to help your case. Allowing a private investigator to not only interview key people but to also perform background checks will get you a full story that you may not otherwise have.

Create a Timeline of Events

Sometimes litigation is messy and information can get lost in the shuffle. A private investigator can help you piece together a timeline of events and review any evidence there may be. It’s important that you understand what’s going on when legal action takes place, so a private investigator can be your confidant, your trusted advisor, to help you keep your head on straight during a difficult time.

Testify In Court

Private investigators can testify in a courtroom with their findings. Anything they find that can help you with your case will be brought to the court through a credible source that knows the law and is on your side. Because they are familiar with the courtroom, you won’t have to worry about emotions or misunderstandings getting in the way.

You should hire litigation support NYC from a company you can trust that has many years of experience and success. At All Private Investigators, all of our PIs are former law enforcement and are familiar with testifying in a court of law. Call us today for a free consultation at (631) 759-1414.