Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Insurance fraud is a common occurrence and a problem insurance companies have to deal with. One way they are able to determine if a claim is legitimate or fraudulent is through hiring private investigators to perform a claim investigation. This can really help insurance companies out because they don’t need to send their employees out to investigate. There are many ways a private investigator can determine if a claim is fraudulent or not. We will focus on three techniques that have proven helpful over the years.


Surveillance is a tried and true method of finding out if a person is making a valid claim or not. If a person is claiming to have broken a leg in a car accident but the claim doesn’t seem right, a private investigator can look more into it. By setting up surveillance, they will be able to see if the person has a cast on their leg or is walking normally. Setting up surveillance is a simple yet time-consuming way of catching a person in a lie or proving they are telling the truth.

Social Media

As technology advances so do the methods used to track people down. Private investigators now use social media as another means of surveillance. This form of surveillance is great in insurance fraud cases because people tend to share a lot of information online. If a person keeps sharing about buying new things but not mentioning an accident or another incident that would have sparked a claim, that can be an indication of insurance fraud. This method is also convenient because a private investigator doesn’t need to physically track the person down.

Background Research

Private investigators see the value in creating a full picture of the people they are researching. This is where researching the person’s background comes in. This can be helpful in many ways. It can reveal if they have a history of making insurance claims, which could be a sign of fraud or other suspicious behavior. This can also reveal if they have sizable debts or financial needs that might make them more likely to take advantage of a situation.

Investigating insurance fraud is a common task that private investigators are called on for. People are making insurance claims every day, and insurance companies need people to determine if they are fraudulent or legitimate. To find out more about determining if someone has committed insurance fraud, give us a call at (631) 759-1414.