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With large corporations and personal secrets floating about, privacy can sometimes be violated. If you ever feel you or a loved one has been illegally monitored, you should call a private investigator. Since investigators have access to the newest technology, they can detect the source of a bug in no time. With several methods of debugging, you can personalize your sweep to fit your needs. Whether it’s vehicle detection, a home sweep, or counter-surveillance, a PI can make you feel secure and protected. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what a PI can do if you think you’ve been bugged: 

A Home Bug Sweep  

If you believe a bug may be located in your home, a private investigator can initiate a home sweep. In a home sweep, a PI usually checks each room looking for signs of tampering in unexpected spots. For instance, a private investigator can look for microphones or cameras under furniture, behind the artwork, or in air vents. Also, private investigators can check your laptops, phones, or tablets for any signs of monitoring.  With state-of-the-art technology, private investigators can quickly seek out monitoring devices to make sure your house is secure. By hiring a private investigator to debug your home, you can feel safe and protected from prying eyes. 

Office and Vehicle Debugging 

If asked, private investigators can also sweep your office or vehicle. In workplaces, private investigators focus their efforts towards searching for monitoring devices that intercept information, record audio, or transmit it in order to further secure the workplace. With discretion, private investigators work to provide customers with peace of mind.  While searching in vehicles, private investigators usually explore unexpected spots looking for hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and wireless bugs. For example, some of the places private investigators may check are under the seats, in air vents, and underneath your vehicle. While some private investigators might include a vehicle sweep with a home check or an office search, it’s always good to ask up front. 

Teaches Counter-Surveillance 

Since private investigators can debug your home or office, they can also teach you preventive measures in order to stop monitoring devices in the future. With in-depth knowledge of the necessary tools for counter-surveillance, private investigators can tell you which products to use and how to use them. Whether it’s white noise machines, a signal detector wand, or a scrambler, private investigators can tell you what extra security measures need to be taken.  

Now that you know some ways a PI can help if you think you’ve been bugged, don’t hesitate to call for a consultation. If you live in New York, All Private Investigations has an excellent debugging service. With quick speeds, one-on-one consultations, and no last-minute fees, All Private Investigations has earned a reputation for honesty and efficiency. For more information about our debugging service, contact us or visit our website.