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If you’ve searched “private investigator Long Island,” you likely came up with tens of thousands of results. How do you know how to choose the best one or even just a good one? Today we’ll explore a few tips on finding the right private eye. But if you want to skip all the reading, head on over to All Private Investigations, we’ve got you covered with the best service and results you’ll find anywhere.

Experience and Training

If you want a handcrafted suit, it wouldn’t be wise to hire someone who had no experience as a tailor of suits. What if you were a school athletic director looking for a tennis coach: Would you take one someone who had never played tennis? Probably not. So why would you hire a private investigator who has no formal experience or training in the field? In the age of the internet, there are lots of people who can hop on the web, jump through some hoops, and claim to have “credentials.” However, there’s a difference in the quality of service and information you’ll get going that way.

The best thing to do is look for a private investigator who has training and experience in the field. Ask questions like, “How long have you been in business?” “What types of cases have you been hired for?” or “What’s your background, and how did you get into private investigation work?” Also, ask for referrals from prior clients. An excellent private eye will have a host of people willing to speak for them if they have helped them as they claim.

Law Enforcement Background

While it’s not completely necessary, you would do well to have a private eye that has a law enforcement background. Law enforcement officers have much more extensive training in dealing with matters especially if they have training or experience in detective work. All Private Investigations is led by a former NYPD detective who has worked on over five thousand criminal and civil cases in his career. He brings his passion for getting to the bottom of complex issues and his experience as a detective to every situation.

Holistic Approach

A private eye must have a holistic approach to solving your case. It is not enough to do simple web searches, database searches, or groundwork. You need a person to fully take on the matter, looking at all angles and factors. Our detectives talk to eyewitnesses, sometimes even retracing the steps of the police, to see if something else comes up. They also track down new people or pertinent witnesses to gather more info. Also, the All Private Investigations team uses all the most up-to-date and comprehensive databases, as well as state-of-the-art technology to be as thorough as necessary.

What Next?

The longer you wait to get someone on your case, the slower it will go and the less chance you’ll have at getting it solved. So why wait? All Private Investigations is the best private investigator Long Island has to offer. Our professional team can start helping you right away. We offer free consultations, so jump on over to our site, and we’ll get you going on finding the answers you long for and deserve!