Infidelity Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

Infidelity, or even suspicion of infidelity, is a worrisome and stressful situation. Finding out the truth may not bring you peace of mind, but it will help you start taking the necessary steps to get through this trying time. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, hire a private investigator. These former law enforcement agents know how to gather information without ever letting it on to your spouse.

Background Checks

To start with, private investigators can do background checks to search for past infidelity or indiscretions. Background checks can include police records, old surveillance videos, and looking into personal records like phone bills. A background check can shed light on motive, or give the private investigator some idea of whether infidelity is taking place. They can also come back with no evidence, which will help you breathe a sigh of relief.


Secondly, a private investigator can conduct surveillance on your spouse. Whether it’s video, audio, or through electronics like their car or computer, a private investigator can gather information in real time, either catching the act or collecting data that points towards the act. Sometimes the best way to catch a cheater is to be present when they cheat, so that’s what surveillance services can do for you. Alternatively, a private investigator may find no evidence of cheating in their surveillance.

Discreet Services

Whether your spouse is cheating or not, you don’t want them to know you are checking up on them. Any inkling on their part that someone might be watching them could cause them to change up their routines and make it harder for a private investigator to find anything. That’s why private investigators are discreet in their services. They are perfect for cases of infidelity, where the subject of the investigation will be caught by surprise. You’ll also be thankful for your investigator’s discretion if it turns out that your spouse isn’t cheating at all. They don’t need to know you were checking in on them at all.

Suspecting a spouse of infidelity can leave you feeling very lonely. If you try to catch them cheating yourself, you’ll probably alert them to your suspicions and may never know for sure. That’s why you should hire a private investigator at the first sign of infidelity. At All Private Investigations LLC, we will be there for you in your time of uncertainty. We will help you know for sure, one way or another, if your spouse is faithful. Call us today at (631) 759-1414 or use our contact form to get started.