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Many people believe that it’s solely the police’s responsibility to find missing persons. While some missing person cases involve criminal activity and require law enforcement, others get pushed to the bottom of the pile and forgotten if police don’t feel like it’s urgent. Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year, which leads to piles of cases that the police just can’t get to. When law enforcement can’t help, a private investigator can help find missing persons. Here are some reasons why people go missing and what a private investigator can do to help.

Why Do People Go Missing?

There are several reasons that could lead to why a person has gone missing. Some of the most common reasons include mental illness, miscommunication, violence, and abuse. While those who are missing are not always in danger, some are. For example, children that are reported missing are more likely to be in danger than adults, which is why missing person cases are often of children. Missing person cases that involve adults are often a result of an adult leaving voluntarily. Many missing adults go missing on purpose to evade the law or a specific person in their lives. No matter what the reason is, there is usually someone wanting to find them.

Find Missing Persons With No Criminal Activity

In some cases, people want to find missing persons but have a hard time because there is no criminal wrongdoing connected to the case. Police won’t help find missing persons that don’t involve any criminal activity. When these cases arrive, private investigators can help. PI’s can help find people that you have lost contact with or people who are intentionally avoiding you. Private investigators work on legal grounds to help find missing persons that aren’t involved in any criminal activity or wrongdoings.

Work With Other Investigators

It’s not uncommon for PI’s to provide information and sources to each other. When looking for a missing person, private investigators can utilize other investigators to find leads and sources. This means that when you hire a private investigator, you not only get them but other PI’s as well. Private investigators typically have a variety of different backgrounds and skill sets, which you gain access to when you hire a PI. 

Extensive Network of People

Whether it be paid informants or other PIs, private investigators often have an extensive network of people helping them. Private investigators can contact informants to find information that the police may not have access to. Along with finding out information, having an extensive network of people also means having more bodies to physically search for missing persons. Having an extensive network of people to either recruit for searches or find out more information is a major benefit of hiring a PI for a missing person case.

Not Limited By the Same Rules as the Police

While private investigators still have to abide by the law to find missing persons, they have far fewer restrictions than the police. Police officers have to follow more extensive rules and regulations when it comes to missing person cases. This can often leave some cases unsolved or untouched. Private investigators don’t have to abide by the same rules as the police. They are able to take on cases that the police aren’t able to touch or solve. PI’s can also help the police gain access to a missing person case. They can gather information, run background checks, conduct interviews, or do other casework in order for the police to be able to help without breaking any rules.

Not all missing person cases are left up to the police to solve. It’s not uncommon for people or the police to look towards private investigators when it comes to missing person cases. PI’s can help find people for a variety of reasons. Not only do they help common citizens find people, but they also can help law enforcement. At All Private Investigations, our PI’s are trained when it comes to finding missing persons. Our private investigators have years of experience of detective work. They know who to talk to and what actions need to be taken in order to solve a missing person case. If you need help with a missing person case, contact All Private Investigations today at 631-759-1414.