Have you been getting the feeling that something is off in your relationship? Has your partner been acting strange? If you are questioning whether your spouse could be cheating, you should talk to a private investigator. There are many reasons you should reach out to a private investigator instead of trying to get answers on your own. If you are getting the feeling that your spouse is cheating, here are three reasons to call a PI.

Researching and Background Check

First and foremost private investigators are trained in how to create a profile of a person and discover important information. They are able to do research and look into whether or not the suspected person has a history of cheating or frequent relationships. This phase can also include looking into their social media use. A private investigator can see if they have frequent conversations with anyone on a social media platform and look into any suspicious people. All of this information will be gathered to support the evidence that is gathered later.

Video Surveillance

Once a private investigator has looked into the background and online life of a suspected cheater they will conduct video surveillance. Video surveillance is important because it can be used as definitive evidence. The PI will track the suspect, watching who they meet with and seeing where they go. Once they have become familiar with the person, it is time to start gathering video. If they see them with a person repeatedly, they will record it. Video would also be recorded if they saw them in any compromising situations. This can all be done without the suspected cheater knowing. PIs are trained to be unnoticed and follow people of interest.

Answers Without Bias

The most important reason to hire a private investigator if you suspect your spouse is cheating is that they will deliver answers without bias. They do not have an emotional stake in the outcome of the case, so they will be able to see the evidence for what it is. They will deliver their findings once they believe they have a definitive answer. They don’t jump to conclusions. This is obviously an emotional situation whether the spouse is cheating or not.

It can be devastating when you find your relationship in question due to suspicions of cheating. All Private Investigations is there to help you through the situation. We will gather the information and deliver an unbiased answer to your questions. Give us a call at (631) 759-1414.