When you seek a security guard for personal security or for an event, you’re looking for professionalism. The ideal security guard holds himself to a high standard of service. If you’re looking to hire a security guard for personal security, or an event here in New York, you’ll want to make sure that they have the following characteristics:

Trustworthiness & Integrity

All Private Investigations strives to provide security personnel that are trustworthy and reliable. Our guards are former law enforcement professionals; they come from a background that demands trust and integrity.

The Proper Tools

Depending on the venue or circumstances of an event that requires security, your guards will need the right tools to ensure that a secure environment is maintained. All Private Investigation, for instance, works with third-party companies that can supply camera systems, alarms, or card access systems. These tools may be essential to properly preparing a secure environment.

Experience & Training

Experience and training are essential for a professional security guard. If things should go awry, an experienced guard will have the proper training to assess the situation and act appropriately. It’s important to maintain control over dangerous situations or threatening environments.

All Private Investigations Has It All

You can count on All Private Investigations to provide security services. All Private Investigations encompasses an outfit of security guards that are trustworthy and reliable. We have the proper tools and the right connections to ensure that your environment is entirely secure. And we have experience and training that makes our security outfit second-to-none. Call us today to discuss personal security, or security for your next event!