Counter Surveillance Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash

Counter surveillance is helpful in a number of different circumstances. You can hire a private investigator if you think you’re being watched, if you are charged with a crime, or if you need evidence uncovered. Private investigators that are trained in counter surveillance will have the right expertise and experience to get you the answers you need. Don’t try to get everything done yourself. Here are the reasons you need to hire a private investigator for this job.

Electronic Monitoring

Private investigators have access to a lot of electronic devices for counter surveillance. The biggest is probably their ability to wiretap. This gives private investigators the ability to listen in on phone conversations, track GPS signals, read emails and text messages, and much more. Anything available electronically can be accessed through electronic monitoring. Court orders are sometimes needed to legally obtain this information, but private investigators have the right connections to get this done as well. The evidence you need for a restraining order or even to set you free could be found on someone’s computer.


Surveillance is pretty much self-explanatory. Private investigators can find any monitoring devices used against you and then set up monitoring devices on whoever set them up. If evidence needs to be gathered, a private investigator can legally set up video and in-person monitoring as long as the person’s space is not being invaded. Counter surveillance is not only for those who are being watched, though. Law enforcement and people charged with a crime can use video and in-person surveillance to find additional suspects, verify leads, and gain information that people aren’t readily giving through witness interviews. Video is most helpful because it doesn’t require an individual to be on-site to get information.

Law Experience

Hiring a private investigator for counter surveillance is critical for gaining information legally. If you are trying to prove your innocence or catch someone who is watching you, there is a chance that you could unwittingly infringe on someone’s rights or get information that’s not admissible in a court of law. Private investigators have a law enforcement background and most likely have seen cases like yours. You can rest assured that you won’t get into more trouble by hiring a PI to help you.

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