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Is there a personal or legal situation you are dealing with, but are not sure how to address? Both individuals and organizations often come across problems that require a little extra manpower in order to clear up the situation. Private investigators often provide the solution to many of these situations. This is because PI’s have a wide range of skill sets along with exceptional detective work. Here are five situations a PI can help resolve.

Finding the Answers

Sometimes answers are just out of your reach. PI surveillance helps you to answer those questions that seemed previously inaccessible. Surveillance can be used for a number of things such as monitoring the behavior or activities of other people, finding out if a spouse or partner is cheating, or even investigating insurance fraud. Even if you attempt surveillance on your own, it can be almost impossible without the right team and equipment. PI’s have the equipment and manpower necessary to survey both rural and city areas. Information can be gathered that is even permissible in court, if need be. State-of-the-art long-range cameras and video surveillance equipment help to maintain a close watch over a specific person, location, or item. Whatever you may need, PI’s can help you gain answers.

Getting Rid of Bugs

Getting “bugged” isn’t just something that happens on the television and movies. There is always a possibility that your home, business, vehicle, or even phone is bugged. A PI can get to the bottom of this by conducting detective work. This involves searching for listening devices, hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and transmitters. If you have a suspicion that there are bugs around, have it checked by a private investigator.

Catching Cheaters

Are you concerned about your spouse’s loyalty? Have you noticed signs of a cheating spouse? People who are emotionally connected often have a difficult time seeing the situation clearly. Hiring a PI can help ensure that you don’t ruin your relationship over nothing. PI’s do the detective work with the assistance of video surveillance to monitor where your spouse is going, who he or she is with, and what he or she is doing. This way, you either find out that your spouse is loyal without causing any unnecessary drama, or you finally catch them. Don’t let infidelity ruin your relationship. Hire a PI to give you the answers that you need.

Providing Guard and Event Security

Besides doing detective work, most PI’s are licensed former law enforcement personnel. It often can be hard for local law enforcement to find the time to provide security for places or events. Private investigators provide the solution by being well trained and providing experienced services. Most private investigators also offer around-the-clock coverage upon request. A thorough security survey is conducted in order to determine what level of protection is needed. This way security measures can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Along with providing the security personnel, PI’s often have an outside vendor install alarm systems, card access systems, camera systems, and closed circuit TV systems. This way security is ensured.

Helpful Litigation Support

PI’s usually have law enforcement backgrounds and years of experience in the field. This means that they know a thing or two about the criminal justice system. Private investigators can give you litigation support you can count on. This includes interviewing victims, witnesses, and any other relevant parties to get accurate statements. These statements can be extremely important and make a difference when it comes to your case. Some first-hand statements, if accurate, can establish a strong position for your case while anticipating your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Providing first-hand statements that are not only accurate but capable of holding up in court involves taking a few extra steps. This includes conducting background investigations of relevant individuals on both sides of the case. This way you don’t have to endure any surprises in the litigation process. PI’s also prepare an accurate timeline of events, evidence reviewed, and interviews conducted by the opposing party and law enforcement to assist when it comes to preparing a case.

Private investigators can help resolve a wide variety of situations including surveillance, debugging, infidelity, guard and event security, and litigation support. At All Private Investigations, we offer all of these services and more. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured private investigation firm that provides discreet services to those of all walks of life. Whether you are an individual, a law firm, small business, large corporation, or an insurance agency, All Private Investigations has the expertise to provide the services you need. All of our PI’s are former NYPD Detectives that have decades of experience in the field under their belts. They know exactly the sort of evidence needed that is beneficial to your case. For your PI needs, contact All Private Investigations at 631-759-1414.