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There are thousands upon thousands of missing person cases filed every year. However, this doesn’t include those that have not been reported as a missing person. This problem is mainly due to the narrow definition of the term “missing person.” Police will only become involved if the person has been missing for a certain amount of time, and they likely will not help if the person has been missing for an extended period. While the police do their best, some missing person cases require a private investigator. Here are some ways private investigators can help find missing persons:

Alert the Authorities

While the police can’t always help in missing person cases, it is still important to notify them of the situation. Private investigators make sure that the authorities are alerted when there is a missing person case. The police can help do a multitude of things, such as spreading the message that someone has gone missing. Just because the police can’t help in all missing person cases, reporting the missing person to the authorities is still to your benefit.


When you hire a private investigator, you are also gaining access to their extensive network. Private investigators have to have a quality networking system in order to be good at their job. They look towards other private investigators or paid informants to gain the information they need to quickly find missing persons. Private investigators also broaden their network with social networking. This is because, in this day and age, most people have some sort of digital social networking page. Not only does social networking give insight on the missing individual, but it also gives investigators a list of people that they may have been in contact with. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+ often include helpful details such as names, zip codes, and email addresses to help further the search.

Physical Searches

An important part of a missing person case is the physical search. The more access that people have can make a huge difference in the results of these cases. While law enforcement conducts physical searches, they often don’t have enough manpower to expand. Private investigators not only have the people to search for a missing person, but they also have the right equipment. PI’s are able to physically search land, sea, and air in order to find missing persons.


Private investigators help to find missing persons by questioning people. Whether this means questioning potential suspects or likely sources, questioning is what can help move a missing person case along. This is because not only are private investigators asking specific questions and listening to people, but they are also watching their behavior. PI’s are training to ask the right questions and watch for tell-tale signs that can help you find the person and the answers you are looking for.


Running surveillance can often help you answer questions that you previously could not gain access to. When private investigators are looking into a missing person’s case, surveillance is a key step in finding the answers or the next lead. Monitoring the behavior of other people or a specific location can often give much-needed leads in your missing person’s case. Private investigators utilize state-of-the-art camera and video surveillance equipment to maintain a close watch. By using surveillance, PI’s can help find missing persons.

Background Checks

Background checks help to give key insight into missing person cases. Not only can they give helpful details about the missing person, but they can also help lead investigators to people that may have seen or been with the missing person. Background checks can also highlight past events or behavior that may lead investigators to missing persons.

There are times when law enforcement fails to find missing persons. This can be due to anything from too much time passing by or their search hitting a dead end. However, even when police must give up the search, often others do not. This is where a private investigator can come into play. Private investigators can help you find missing persons that the police simply can’t help with for any reason. When it comes to missing person cases, contact All Private Investigations. We are trained private investigators that know what it takes to solve the missing person cases. For your free consultation today, contact us at 631-759-1414 today.