Decades of mystery novels, crime dramas, and movies portray private investigators with the long khaki trench coat and magnifying glass. Real life private investigators do a lot more than run around in a trench coat. In addition to criminal investigation, PI’s can catch identity thieves, run background checks, expose fraud, and even help in family cases. There are several scenarios in which private investigator’s services are needed in family cases, including: cheating spouses, child custody, and hidden assets or income. Here are how private investigators help sensitive family cases.


Cheating Spouse


When people expect their significant other of cheating, they want to know the truth. Having to confront your spouse about cheating can be nerve racking, especially if you don’t have the evidence to back up your suspicions. Private investigators can help you get to the truth. PI’s gather the evidence needed to either prove or disprove your suspicions of a cheating spouse. This way you can either avoid causing trouble with your significant other over false accusations, or having the evidence you need to confidently confront them. Infidelity is also a factor when it comes to determine alimony. While you may uncover evidence on your own, it is possible that it was obtained illegally which means that it won’t hold up in legal proceedings. Private investigators ensure that infidelity evidence is obtained legally in order for it to stand trial. PI’s help to deal with these extremely sensitive infidelity family cases in order to get you the truth you deserve.


Child Custody


One of the main points of contention in a custody battle is the question of who is the more fit parent. No matter how much you dislike an ex, it does not affect the legality of their parental rights. This is where a private investigator can come in handy. Depending on the outcome you are wanting, PI’s can investigate and find evidence of positive or negative living conditions. Private investigators can play a key role in child custody battles by providing evidence of the living conditions of both households involved. A PI provides a biased third party view on the living conditions of both households. This way the children involved are placed in the best living conditions available.


Hiding Assets or Income


A common trick among wealthy spouses is to hide valuables. When divorce becomes inevitable, spouses often decide to hide assets or income until after the divorce is finalized. This way they are able to keep more when it comes time to equitably distribute marital assets. Instead of letting a greedy spouse get away with more than their fair share, a private investigator can help get those hidden assets back.


Know the Law


PI’s help with these sensitive cases while staying within legal grounds. All private investigators are licensed by the state, meaning that they have a full grasp of all things legal and illegal in the area. This way you know where you stand legally in your family case and what actions you can take. PI’s also protect you from violating the law while trying to conduct investigations. Privacy and stalking laws exist, which has gotten non-professional investigators to get into unnecessary legal drama. Private investigators know the laws which means that they know what and what doesn’t count as stalking and how to obtain evidence legally.


Testify in Court


Along with being able to gather the necessary evidence for trial, private investigators can testify in court on your behalf. In fact, a private investigators testimony can potentially carry greater credibility than yours. This is because they are an impartial contractor that is biased to the family case. Family cases are often sensitive which means that testimony’s can often come across flustered and heated. Private investigators are able to remain calm and collected on the stand while only stating the facts about the family case, without emotion.


Gather The Evidence


When it comes to gathering evidence in a family case, it is best to have someone that is emotionally detached. It is common for those involved in a family case to become clouded by emotions. This can lead to evidence being made up or looked over, which can affect the outcome of a case dramatically.  Private investigators have a needed emotional detachment to the situation. This way they are able to gather evidence clearly and efficiently.


When it comes to conducting a private investigation, even with a family case, it is better left to the professionals. Sensitive family cases such as cheating spouses, child custody battles, or wealthy spouses hiding assets during divorce tend to need the aid of a private investigators. For the sake of the case, it is crucial that evidence is gathered without any clouded judgement. PI’s provide that necessary emotional detachment that keeps family cases civil and within the law. When your family is in need, contact the professionals at All Private Investigations. We are licensed, bonded, and insured private investigators that have a reputation in handling sensitive family cases. Whether you need to catch a cheater, prove you are the more fit parent, or need to find hidden assets, call All Private Investigations at 631-759-1414.