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Are you looking to hire a private investigator? Well then, you must think about these five traits when selecting a PI to hire. Whether you’re looking for a PI to investigate your husband because you suspect cheating or need a background check run on an employee, these traits can determine how skilled and effective a private investor is at doing their job. Here are five traits to look for when selecting a PI: 


There are many qualities a PI should possess, but none are as important as trustworthiness. As the client, it’s essential you trust the private investigator you select. Since private investigators are often sent to find the truth, an honorable PI will always do what’s right according to state and federal law. He or she will never, for any reason, misrepresent evidence to support a theory. In fact, an ethical PI will not disclose details of previous cases or facts about your case to outside sources. If a PI does talk about a previous case in detail, then perhaps you should select another PI. 


When selecting a PI, you must choose one who is passionate about his or her job. Picking a passionate investigator will make the entire process a little easier. Since the investigator is motivated to find answers, he or she will probably come to a conclusion faster. Also, by choosing someone who is eager to look into the case, you’ll probably find that the investigator will look into new leads. 


When interacting and talking to clients, a PI should always be respectful. You shouldn’t feel like you’re being bombarded with questions or waiting around for hours. Instead, an honorable PI should always respect your feelings as well as your time. If you need a background check in two days, a PI should have it in two days. While some cases can take longer to conclude, private investigators are there to help you – not to make life even more stressful. 


Hiring a creative private investigator is a must. When trying to get details about a missing person or find out if a spouse is cheating, sometimes creativity comes into play. A PI who can think on their feet and use a situation to their advantage can not only get you answers, but help find the larger truth. 


A PI should always be reliable. You shouldn’t have to wonder if they’re working on your case or if they received your questions. A reliable PI will always provide updates when needed and answer any and all questions you may have. Especially if the case spans over a great period of time, an honorable PI will always keep you informed. As the client, you should never feel forgotten by a private investigator; if you do, you should definitely look into selecting a different PI.   

Now that you know some traits to look for in a private investigator, don’t hesitate to call your local PI today. If you live in New York, contact All Private Investigations. With reliable investigators and offering several services, All Private Investigations has it all. For more information, visit our website.