If you’re concerned that your spouse or loved one is cheating on you, you may be right. That said, it’s not safe to jump to conclusions. You’ll want to be certain of your accusations before confronting your significant other. There are, however, some signs that you might notice that could suggest that your partner is cheating on you (again, these aren’t black-and-white signs.. you’ll have to catch your partner in the act to be completely certain that they’re involved in an affair). We’ll be pointing out signs you ought to look for in this blog, as well as the next blog we post:

Your Partner Is Distant & Removed From The Relationship

If you find that your partner is quiet or they seem to try to avoid contact, it may be a sign that they’re currently unfaithful. Mind how you and your partner interact, and note any lasting major changes to how interactive you are in your relationship.

Your Sex Life Changes

If your sex life dwindles or cuts off completely, you may have a cheating partner. If your partner is seeking sexual fulfillment elsewhere in their life, they likely won’t want sex as often. Note major long-lasting changes in your sex life.

Your Partner Flirts

If you notice that your partner is flirtatious with other people, they may be considering infidelity, or they may already be cheating on your relationship. Remember, this is just a possible sign of unfaithfulness or disloyalty – you’ll need more concrete proof.

Your Partner Has No Patience & Claims to Be Oppressed

If your partner is short with you in conversation, or they claim to be oppressed by your current relationship, they may be seeking a relationship elsewhere. The unfaithful will begin to build excuses to get out of a relationship, and they may try to ‘play the victim.’